Canadian Working Group

IETA’s Canadian Working Group is the premier voice of the Canadian community of companies that look to market-based trading mechanisms as a means of cost-effectively addressing climate change.

The Group:

  • Ensures IETA Canada members have comprehensive and frequent engagement with Canadian federal and provincial / territorial policy-makers in both legislative and regulatory contexts. IETA’s voice has been known and respected in Ottawa and provincial capitals for many years.
  • Jointly with the U.S. Working Group, engages with, and contributes to, the development of sub-national North American trading systems, particularly the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), British Columbia, California, and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
  • Holds the annual Carbon Forum North America, with significant Canadian provincial and federal components, and hosts strategic workshops and symposia with Canadian officials, academia, and other market and industry experts. Convening such dialogues help to provide Canadian business with concrete opportunities to effectively engage in, and inform, policy and market design processes, while showcasing domestic leadership in the areas of emissions trading, at regional, continental, and international levels.


Contact: Katie Sullivan, Canadian Policy Director, +1 (416) 913 0135







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