Carbon Capture & Storage Working Group


CCS is an area of emissions mitigation that poses technical challenges and generates uninformed controversy.  Yet CCS projects have a natural place in the menu of emissions reduction activities that should lead to definable and tradable credits, and are potentially an important part of a least-cost portfolio of options for delivering significant emission reductions.


  • IETA’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) working group provides members with information on developing carbon capture activities, regulations, and financial incentives for CCS across the world.
  • The Working Group prepares IETA positions on mechanisms that enable commercial CCS activities, through the application of market mechanisms, to support the demonstration and implementation phases of CCS methodologies.
  • The Group helps promote CCS and its role in emissions trading in carbon trade fairs and events, and by dedicated events and explanatory material, helping improve the prospects of CCS at commercial value.


  Contact: Katie Sullivan, Canadian Policy Director, +1 (416) 913 0135









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