UNFCCC Working Group


IETA’s UNFCCC Working Group focuses on all aspects of the international climate regime, particularly the trading landscape for Kyoto credits (CDM/JI) and new market mechanisms for the post-2012 period. The Group contributes to the development of a comprehensive post-2012 climate change agreement. The Group:

  • Advocates for the use and development of market mechanisms and carbon pricing. IETA favors a set of global agreements that will provide clear and credible investment signals for the private sector over the long-term, through advocacy, consensus-building and by lobbying government and UN representatives directly.
  • Closely follows climate change discussions in all multi- lateral and bilateral contexts, to ensure that IETA members are participating actively, and are abreast of all international climate policy developments that will impact their business.

Provides official submissions and recommendations to Parties to the UNFCCC on new market mechanisms, REDD, and broader private sector recommendations to the UNFCCC mechanisms

ContactsJeff Swartz, International Policy Director, +32 2 230 1160






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