EU Working Group


IETA’s EU Working Group takes forward the work IETA has done since the original design stages of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS). Working closely with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the EU Presidency, and individual Member States, the Group:


  • Builds on its long-established presence in Brussels, provides timely information and gives voice member opinions on policy developments in the EUETS, particularly on EUA, CER and ERU trading practice, registry operation and regulation, auctioning, market oversight, and the relations between UN climate change systems and the EUETS.
  • IETA’s EU Working Group and its members are frequently called upon to speak for business on the effectiveness and operation of the EUETS, and how it should develop.  IETA is regularly cited in European media, both by professional journals and general news outlets.
  • The EU Working Group meets regularly and hosts frequent calls.  Key Commission and government officials often attend.  IETA promotes events on subjects of special interest and cooperates with think-tanks and other business organizations. IETA co-hosts Carbon Expo, the largest carbon conference and trade fair in the world, annually in Cologne or Barcelona.


Contact: Sarah Deblock, European Policy Director, +32 (0)22 30 11 60







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