IETA Greenhouse Gas Market 2012

October 1, 2012

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is pleased to release its annual flagship publication, IETA Greenhouse Gas Market 2012, sponsored by EcoWay, on October 1. The publication is a comprehensive guide to the latest developments in global carbon markets, bringing together market specialists in a series of expert contributions.

This year's publication features over 30 articles addressing a wide range of pertinent issues affecting global carbon markets. Contributors come from a range of perspectives, including industrial, legal, multilateral, financial, diplomatic, academic and non-governmental sectors.

Highlights of this year’s report include:

  • Preparing for Carbon Trading in Australia, Ben Keogh - Australia Carbon Traders
  • China Emissions Trading Pilots – From Principles to Pragmatic Measures, Wu Qian - British Embassy Beijing
  • Aviation in the EU ETS and Beyond, Andy Kershaw - British Airways
  • World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness: Building Capacity for Emerging Economies, Xueman Wang - World Bank
  • WCI: A Rocky Road to Compliance, Justin Felt – Thomson Reuters PointCarbon
  • CDM: There is Well-Founded Hope, Helle-Juhler Verdoner – Alstom
  • Innovative Financial Mechanisms for the Green Climate Fund – Abyd Karmali, Bank of America Merril Lynch


2012 has seen a continued expansion in global carbon markets despite difficulties in core markets in the European Union and the Kyoto Mechanisms. New cap-and-trade programs are emerging, particularly in the Pacific Rim region, as nations embrace the use of market-based mechanisms to reduce emissions. Meanwhile, the UNFCCC is concentrating on the development of a new market mechanism to compliment the existing CDM and JI mechanisms. Alongside this, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) considers avenues and instruments for catalyzing investment in climate finance. Additionally, new technologies such as CCS, and new sectors such as REDD+, continue to be explored at the international level as possibilities for facilitating emissions reductions.

Download the Report Here

Press Release:  IETA Releases Greenhouse Gas Market 2012

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