IETA Launches the Business Partnership for Market Readiness (B-PMR)


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (October 24) - Today the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is proud to announce the launch of a special initiative: the Business Partnership for Market Readiness (B-PMR).

As carbon markets enter into an important new phase of development with emissions trading programs emerging in new places around the world, IETA is positioning itself and mobilizing its membership of +150 companies to assist in building business readiness for these new markets. Working in close cooperation with the World Bank and its Partnership for Market Readiness, IETA will organize a series of Dialogues through the B-PMR to promote common understanding, share best practices, and, where appropriate, assist in the policy development process.

15 developing countries are participating in the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR). These new markets could become the proving ground for the global policy architecture of the future. Constructive business engagement during program development will help assure successful market formation.
IETA’s membership spans the globe – with major energy, industrial, financial and service companies in virtually every PMR partner jurisdiction. IETA is ideally positioned to assist in preparing local businesses in these PMR jurisdictions to operate successfully in a new market by providing a companion business-to-business dialogue that will help to encourage sound market development.

“IETA’s B-PMR aims to bridge the gap between the private sector community and the exciting activities of the World Bank PMR,” says IETA President and CEO Dirk Forrister. “As these PMR programs take shape, IETA is perfectly positioned to assist in building business readiness for these new markets, which includes sharing best practices from experiences in existing carbon markets, and where appropriate supporting the policy development process. IETA’s B-PMR will provide the ideal forum to achieve this.”

IETA upholds its principles by acting as a think tank, a convener of dialogues, an advocate, a market promoter, and a champion of best practices and market standards. The B-PMR is a natural outgrowth of these missions. The B-PMR is a special initiative governed by the IETA Secretariat and the B-PMR Committee with generous support from the following B-PMR Founding Members: Alstom, Baker & McKenzie, BP, Camco, Enel, GreenStream Network, Morgan Stanley, Norton Rose, Rio Tinto and Statoil.

Contact – Jeff Swartz ( +41 22 737 05 06

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About the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
IETA has been the leading voice of the business community on the subject of carbon markets since 2000. IETA's 150 member companies include some of the world's leading corporations, including global leaders in oil, electricity, cement, aluminum, chemical, paper, and other industrial sectors; as well as leading firms in the data verification and certification, brokering and trading, legal, finance, and consulting industries.
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