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Carbon Forum North America 2012

October 1 - 2, 2012 - Washington, DC


Carbon Forum North America 2012 — taking place at the Marriott Metro Center in downtown Washington, DC on October 1-2, 2012—has firmly established itself as the place to go to keep abreast of the latest thinking and developments in the North American carbon space—for both carbon policy wonks and market-players alike.

From the first California auction to the establishment of a functional North American market through the Western Climate Initiative; from the advancement of RGGI’s 2012 review to progress within NA2050; from innovative climate finance to emerging carbon markets; from an exciting election season to the buildup preceding a new round of rejuvenated international climate talks; and from new regulatory developments at the EPA to the latest legal developments in the courts, Carbon Forum North America on October 1-2 will give market participants the best carbon coverage at the best time. Join your colleagues at CFNA for the most comprehensive carbon market analysis, the latest policy developments, and the best legal coverage in the North American carbon, climate, and clean energy space!

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Here is just some of what will be covered:

Regional Markets. California is set to become the world’s second largest Carbon Market—but the tough questions are just beginning. What will be the impact of expected legal challenges to the program? How will the carbon market interact with regional power markets? What does the offset supply look like—and how will buyers react to retroactive liability provisions? And, where will all of this lead—is Sacramento once again blazing a path for Washington—or simply going it alone?

Regulatory Gears Keep Churning—Even in an Election Year. While politicians focus on the elections, the agencies will continue to move forward on legally-mandated regulations such as the EPA’s new source performance standard greenhouse gas rules. What will these rules look like— and what will they mean for industry—and the states? Meanwhile, what does life under the Dodd- Frank bill mean for environmental traders and brokers? And yet, regulations aren’t the only area to keep track of. What developments can we expect on the legal stage—are state common-law lawsuits next? CFNA 2012 will give you the latest inside-the-beltway thinking—on both political developments and the regulatory front.

International Developments and More. Will nations continue to place their faith within the UNFCCC process—or will we see a continued move to bilateral and unilateral actions, as well as trade adjustments aimed at forcing other nations to reduce their emissions? What’s next in China, which has committed to enacting a cap-and-trade program, and Australia, which has already done so? What about the EU aviation emissions cap, prospects for climate finance, emerging REDD initiatives and progress of Carbon Capture & Sequestration? These topics and more will be covered at CFNA 2012.

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