Land Use/Forestry Working Group

IETA’s LU/F Working Group includes many of the world’s most active LU/F carbon investors, project developers, legal experts, and consultants/technical experts. From project implementation, to finance, to offset purchase for compliance, IETA member companies are involved in all aspects of REDD activities, helping to define, strengthen and create value for this vital and complex sector. The Group:


  • Advocates for integrating of the LU/F sector into the global carbon market, and argues for maintaining and enhancing existing carbon stocks in the land use sector as a critical component of any effort to comprehensively combat climate change. Mitigation opportunities in this sector can be accessed immediately and enduringly over time, will help contain climate costs drastically, and promise to bring significant social and environmental co-benefits.
  • Engages local, national, and regional governments in discussions about what is required to draw in critical international private sector investment into LU/F activities and build a strong LU/F offset crediting mechanism in developing countries.
  • Confronts the design and technical challenges of a LU/F mechanism, working through the details of carbon quantification and risk sharing, toward the creation of a framework for land use and forestry activities that ensure robust, reliable and verifiable offset systems.


Sophy Greenhalgh - ICROA Programme Manager, London







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