Pedro Moura Costa

Pedro is recognised for his contribution to developing the carbon market as the co-founder of EcoSecurities, one of the early pioneers of project-based emissions reduction initiatives

Dirk Forrister

Formerly of Natsource, Dirk led IETA's CDM working group in its early days – and later led its Market Oversight working group.  Previously, he worked in the US government as Chair of the White House Climate Change Taskforce under President Clinton.  After being named a Fellow, Dirk returned to IETA in 2012 as President and CEO.

Richard Gledhill

While working as the Global Head of Climate Change Services at PWC, Richard served on the IETA Board and Chaired its Finance and Audit Committee. He helped guide IETA's strategic direction during the market challenges associated with the global financial crisis. He now works as an independent climate change and international development advisor.

Frank Joshua

Frank is being recognised for his role in establishing IETA in 1999.

Bill Kyte

Formerly of E.ON and Powergen, Bill participated in numerous IETA working groups. His contributions to the UK emissions trading scheme in the late 1990's as a leader of the UK "Emissions Trading Group" helped pave the way for the EU ETS. He was awarded an OBE by the Queen in 2003 for ‘services to the environment in the power sector’.

Joan MacNaughton

Formerly of Alstom, Joan served on the IETA Board. As a former UK energy official, she drew upon deep experience in the interactions of policy, technology, finance and markets. Joan continues to provide thought leadership as Chair of the World Energy Trilemma at the World. Energy Council.

Sir Charles Nicholson

While at BP headquarters, Sir Charles helped launch IETA and shepherd it during its early years. He served on the IETA Board and helped expand the membership ranks in its early years.

Bob Page

From 1997 - 2007, Bob was Vice President for Sustainable Development at Transalta in Calgary, Alberta. He served as Chair of the IETA Board for a number of years. Now at the Enbridge Center for Corporate Sustainability at the University of Calgary, Bob continues to contribute to environmental standards and reporting at the International Standards Organization.

Mark Proegler

A former executive at BP in Houston, Mark served on the IETA Board for many years, and he chaired numerous working groups. His command of business strategy, climate policy and carbon markets helped advance the organization's reach into the US.

Gudmundur Sigurthorsson

As Senior Vice President of DNV, Gudmundur developed its carbon verification business to support the UN's Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation programs. He served on the IETA Board, and later as Chairman of the Board of the Verified Carbon Standard.

Marc Stuart

As a co-founder of EcoSecurities, Marc helped lead one of the largest project developers in the early carbon market. Marc served on the IETA Board and chaired the Board of the Verified Carbon Standard. He is now Founding Partner and CEO of Alllotrope Partners, a California firm specializing in transition to a sustainable energy future.

Anne-Marie Warris

Dr Anne-Marie Warris has over 25 years experience in sustainable matters and is a leading expert in climate change and environmental issues. A former IETA board member, she is recognised for her tireless efforts to bring standards and transparency to the wider carbon market, including efforts on shipping and in establishing the first version of the Verified Carbon Standard in 2006.

Errick "Skip" Willis

A longtime champion of carbon market solutions while at ICF in Toronto, Skip was a fixture in Canadian climate policymaking. He passed away in 2011, just weeks being named to the first class of IETA Fellows. In his memory, a group of IETA members and friends established the Skip Willis Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Toronto's School of the Environment, where is legacy of mentorship in sustainability continues.

Bruce Baine

Currently a part-time lecturer at the Ohio State University on energy and environmental economics and public policy in the undergraduate and MBA programs. He began his independent consulting practice with BRUCEBRAINE.com in June, 2016. Bruce retired from American Electric Power (AEP) in February, 2016. Prior to that time, he was vice president for strategic policy analysis for AEP. In that position, he focused on analysis of federal and state energy and environmental policy as well as analysis and development of long-term environmental and energy strategy for AEP. 

John Kilani

Holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Until his retirement in March 2016, he was Director for the Sustainable Development Mechanisms (SDM) Programme of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), where he oversaw negotiations on carbon market, both in the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. The SDM Programme was also responsible for supporting the regulatory Bodies for the Kyoto project-based mechanisms. 

Ken Newcombe

Has had a long and varied career in development finance in the energy and environment sectors in the emerging markets and as an entrepreneur and pioneer of markets for global public environmental goods. He was a member of the small team that designed the multi-billion-dollar Global Environment Facility. He developed the business concepts around public-private partnerships for generating and trading greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and designed and managed the first global carbon fund, the Prototype Carbon Fund, and grew eh carbon Finance business of the World Bank to over a billion dollars under management before leaving in early 2006 to join the private sector. 

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