IETA frequently attends, presents and organizes conferences, plenaries, symposiums, meetings and other events on topics that are important for our members.

Past Events
IETA – Thomson Reuters Joint Event: Norway's 2030 climate targets: Why do international carbon markets matter?

Monday February 2nd 9:30 – 11:30
Thomson Reuters Auditorium, Dronning Eufemias gate 16, 0191 Oslo


The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and Thomson Reuters will give an overview of international carbon markets to date (including the Kyoto Protocol, EU ETS) and how markets will be included in the Paris UNFCCC 2015 Climate Agreement. A panel discussion will provide reactions and other views to this topic, with opportunities for interaction with the audience and networking afterwards.


Panelists will include IETA, Thomson Reuters, the Norwegian government, Stortinget members, and others TBD.


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Outcomes from the UNFCCC COP 20 in Lima and expectations for COP 21 in Paris (Dec. 2015)
  • How is access to international carbon markets relevant to Norway’s 2030 climate target?
  • What challenges does Norway face in developing its Paris 2015 contribution/target (INDC)
  • What future is there for international market mechanisms in the Paris 2015 Agreement?


Find the agenda here

To register please RSVP at your earliest convenience, and no later than Wednesday 28 January, to Stefano De Clara (
Carbon Market Seminar: The Market Stability Reserve (MSR) – exploring the current state of play and the future market impact


 Date: Wed, 4 February, 2015

Time: 09.30 - 16.30
Networking drinks: 16:30 - 18:00
Location: The Dominican Hotel, Rue Léopold / Leopoldstraat 9, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


“Crunch time” for the Market Stability Reserve

  1. The next ICIS carbon seminar taking place on the 4th February 2015 in Brussels will focus on four key issues:
  2. What is the current state of play, potential policy scenarios, and timeline for the MSR legislative process?
  3. How could different MSR proposals as well as single amendments to the Commission’s proposal affect carbon prices in the short, medium and long-term?
  4. How could a reformed EU ETS affect market participants´ trading behaviour?
  5. What were the price developments since the last seminar, did they materialize as we expected, and where do we see prices in the short/medium run?


A multi-angle stakeholder discussion

To shed some light on the above questions, the seminar is inviting key MSR stakeholders across the EU political, regulatory, and market spectrum to present and participate in panel discussions under three thematic blocks:

  1. Block 1: The analyst view – setting the stage for discussion
  2. Block 2: The policy view – current legislative state of play and market impact of the MSR
  3. Block 3: The member states and market view – stakeholder dialogue on the MSR


IETA is a supporting organisation for this event. Please find the detailed agenda and instructions for the registration here.



COP20: MARKETS MATTER, December 1-12, 2014

On behalf of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and our partners, we are proud to present the COP20 IETA Side Event Program in Lima. 

The program features over 50 sessions running from the 1st of December thru to the 12th of December in the IETA Pavilion located inside the COP20 main ground, ‘The Cuartel General del Ejercito del Peru’. 

Our Pavilion is located in one of the main Country Delegation halls, together with the EU, Peru, France, China, Korea, Australia and more, next to the 2 main negotiating plenaries—an excellent location accessible to all, and for discussions on carbon markets, climate finance, and market provisions for the 2015 Agreement.   

With our friends, sister organizations and sponsors, who we deeply thank for their precious support, we offer a full range of fresh views from business about climate solutions. These are featured in sessions on all of the "hot topics" facing business here at the COP in Lima – and this year again, we make it easy to drop by for events at an on-site location.

Download the COP20 Lima Summary here

Follow us in Lima with our COP20 Updates:
11 December 2014
9 December 2014
7 December 2014
5 December 2014
3 December 2014


Our aim, as always, is to help make sense of the negotiations for business observers and others interested in the business view.  Our sessions focus on carbon pricing, markets, climate finance, REDD+, bottom-up climate action and beyond.  

Key Links:

> Download the IETA COP20 Full Side Event Program Guide*:  IETA COP20 Full Side Event Program Guide

> Your last chance to benefit from prominent onsite visibility: COP20 Partner Sponsor Opportunities

> View IETA's COP Strategy Note, please visit: IETA's Policy Priorities & Events for the Lima Negotiations

> View the COP20 Floor Plan: COP20 Floor Plan Overview Detailed Plan IETA Stand@COP 20

> Follow us on Twitter: @IETA #marketsmatter

> Please note that no further registration is required; the IETA Pavilion is open to all accredited participants to UNFCCC COP20

> Information Note - Visa Arrangements for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Lima, Peru, 1 - 12 December 2014 

For Members Only > View the IETA Members COP20 Blog


*Subject to change  


We would like to thank our Main Sponsors:

Chevron, EEI, GEF, GCCSI, IEA, ITRI, Petramas, Shell


We would like to thank our Supporting Partners:

IETA's COP20 Side Event Program is developed in collaboration with the UNFCCC, ATAG, BCSE, BC Government & Pacific Coast Collaborative, BMUB Germany, Carbon Market Institute, Chevron, Climate Action Reserve, Climate Knowledge & Innovation Community, Climate Focus, CTCN, Dentons, UNEP DTU, Edison Electric Institute, GDF SUEZ Energy Latin America, GEF, GCCSI, Harvard, IEA, IPIECA, ITRI, Petramas, Shell, USAID & BIOREDD, WBCSD and the World Bank Group.



Contact IETA’s COP20 Team :
Dirk Forrister, President & CEO                           
Jeff Swartz, International Policy (FVA/NMM)       
Katie Sullivan, Climate Finance & North America
Sophy Greenhalgh, REDD+ & Voluntary Market
Katie Kouchakji, Communications Lead           
Lisa Spafford, COP20 Events & Partnerships Lead

14th Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Workshop

IETA, the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) are pleased to invite you to our 14th annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Workshop.

This Workshop is taking place on the 9th and 10th of October 2014 at the IEA Headquarters in Paris, France.
You can access the event webpage by clicking here.

Please contact if you would like to register for this event.




    Held during the Climate Week  

24 September 2014, New York City

The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) and the International

Emissions Trading Association (IETA) will co-host a High-Level Carbon Pricing
Dialogue in New York City on 24 September 2014. The Dialogue will take place
the day after the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York City. With
ICAP, a partnership of 30 national and regional governments working on
emissions trading and IETA, a non-profit association and voice of the business
community on carbon pricing, two key international actors are working together
to showcase ambitious climate action through putting a price on carbon and
harnessing the power of markets.

We would like to thank our host: 

>> View the Agenda

Your Contacts:
Further Program Information: Katie Sullivan,
For Registration & supporting Partnerships: Lisa Spafford,


Summary of IETA 2014 Activities in New-York City during the Climate Week in September 2014

    Held during the Climate Week  

23 September 2014, New York City

EPA CAA 111(D): State/Industry Regional Dialogue

CFNA 2014 will convene Industry and State representatives in a series of regional CFNA Dialogues to discuss their mutual interests in using market-based flexibilities in responses to EPA’s 111(d) regulations.  Topics will include:
•    the toolbox of policy options States have utilized;
•    recognition of reductions achieved;
•    and flexibility to tailor program to regional and state specific circumstances.

Sponsorship Package for CFNA (including IETA 2014 Climate Week)

Your Contact:
For more Information, Participation & Sponsorship: Lisa Spafford,



3-5 September 2014, Bogota, Colombia

The Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF) is a free of charge regional conference and exhibition platform established in 2006 to promote knowledge and information sharing while facilitating business opportunity environments among main carbon market stakeholders.

This 8th edition of LACCF, the leading LATAM annual Conference and Exhibition, is jointly organized by IETA, the World Bank, the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), UNEP Risø Centre, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

With over 800 local, regional and international participants from private, public and the financial sectors and this unique mix of co-organizers, the LACCF is the pre-eminent regional ‘Pulse Taking’ and 'Business to Business' platform. It brings together leading individuals and organizations in the field to share knowledge and information, discuss new tendencies, propose solutions, and identify business opportunities in a rapidly changing area towards low carbon economies and societies.
For more information, please contact Lisa Spafford,

>> Register as an Exhibitor or Partner Sponsor

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