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Letter to EU Council on 2030 Targets


Contact: Sarah Deblock on deblock@ieta.org +32 2 230 1160

IETA: Letter to EU Council on 2030 Targets

GENEVA, 16 October – IETA today called on EU heads of state to reach an agreement on the bloc’s 2030 emissions target when the Council convenes next week. 

IETA comment on climate finance pledges



Contact: Katie Kouchakji, kouchakji@ieta.org or +44 7870 600 074

IETA comment on climate finance pledges at the UN Secretary-General’s climate summit in New York today

September 23, 2014 - Today, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invited world leaders to a summit to catalyse momentum towards a climate deal in 2015. A series of world leaders from countries including France, Korea, Denmark and Norway, among others, pledged more than $2 billion to the Green Climate Fund.

Katie Sullivan, IETA’s Director of Climate Finance, said:

“It is fantastic to see so many nations stepping up and making pledges – this is greater than we had anticipated. We look forward to seeing how the GCF will use these pledges to leverage private capital. Private investors are ready and willing to invest further in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures; they just need the right frameworks to invest. Today’s pledges – which include $1 billion from France and $100 million from Korea, which hosts the GCF – are a leap in the right direction.” 

For more information, please contact Katie Kouchakji on kouchakji@ieta.org


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IETA brings policymakers, business together in support of carbon pricing



Contact: Jeff Swartz, swartz@ieta.org or +1 202 517 3090


IETA brings policymakers, business together in support of carbon pricing


NEW YORK, 22 September – The Paris 2015 climate agreement needs to include a central role for carbon pricing, said leading corporate executives and policymakers brought together by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements today.

At a special Symposium on “Carbon Pricing and the 2015 Climate Agreement” held today in New York City – one day before a UN Summit of world leaders to build political momentum for a deal next year – leading executives from some of the world’s largest companies and policymakers from around the globe explained why they support market-based carbon pricing.  They focused on specific provisions needed in the Paris agreement to support and link the carbon markets of the future. 

UN Climate Summit to set up role for markets in Paris agreement



Contact: Katie Kouchakji, kouchakji@ieta.org or +44 7870 600 074

UN Climate Summit to set up role for markets in Paris agreement

GENEVA, 17 September –Next week’s summit of world leaders, hosted by the UN Secretary-General, is a prime opportunity for governments to confirm a role for markets in the 2015 Paris climate agreement through their support or carbon pricing, says the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting the one-day Climate Change Summit on 23 September at the UN Headquarters in New York City. The aim of the meeting is to build political momentum for a deal in Paris at the end of 2015. Negotiations begin in earnest in Lima this December, when governments will begin to focus on specific texts for the Paris agreement.

In recent weeks, IETA joined the World Bank in encouraging businesses and governments to support a joint statement for long-term carbon pricing throughout the global economy. The full list of signatories will be presented on 23 September.

ICROA - Additional benefits of carbon offsetting valued at $664 per credit, September 3, 2014

Contact: Sophy Greenhalgh, greenhalgh@ieta.org or tel +44 7967428247

Additional benefits of carbon offsetting valued at $664 per credit

LONDON, 3rd September – Offsetting one tonne of carbon dioxide brings an additional $664 in benefits to the communities where carbon reduction projects are based, according to research published today.

The research, carried out by Imperial College London in partnership with the International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Alliance (ICROA), demonstrates how purchasing carbon credits¬† creates economic development opportunities, aids environmental conservation and helps improve people’s lives by delivering household savings, health benefits and improving water resources, among other social benefits.

The amount of carbon reduced by such projects has been rigorously measured and independently verified for many years, but to date there has not been academic research conducted to measure and value the impact of investing in carbon offset programmes beyond reducing emissions. This research finds that each tonne of carbon reduced has additional benefits Рsuch as poverty alleviation, infrastructure development and nature conservation Рworth  $664 , meaning that businesses which are voluntarily offsetting their emissions are having a bigger impact than perceived.

Private Sector and Civil Society Declaration on Tackling Deforestation and Forest Degradation, and the Sustainable Management of Forests (REDD+)

Tackling deforestation must be a key component of an effective and comprehensive global agreement if dangerous climate change is to be avoided and global warming kept below 2 degrees Celsius2. Supporting the sustainable use of forests is also a key component of securing livelihoods and value chains for communities and corporations worldwide, and is vital for global efforts to protect biodiversity and maintain ecosystem services.

The UNFCCC has made significant progress in establishing a framework for REDD+ as part of the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from forests, with a view to securing its place in a new climate change agreement at Paris next year. Governments of more than 50 forested countries worldwide are making sustained efforts to participate in REDD+, backed by substantial public sector and non-governmental support and private sector investment. Successful REDD+ pilot initiatives have already resulted in 22 million tonnes of CO2 being reduced annually and 14 million hectares of threatened forests protected.

Australia needs to avoid climate policy vacuum, move on ETS, July 17, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rob Fowler, fowler@ieta.org or +61 402 298 569

MELBOURNE, 17 July – The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is disappointed that Australia’s policymakers failed to adopt reforms to bring market pricing and global linkages to the Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM).  By simply repealing the CPM without broader reforms, political leaders created a policy vacuum.

The Senate today passed the motion to repeal the CPM, with 39 votes in favour and 32 against. This came despite industry proposals to speed up the introduction of market-based pricing, which would have brought lower costs to business, increased flexibility and aligned Australia’s climate policy closer to that of the EU, China the US and its other trading partners.

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