Working Groups

The outstanding work of our public policy experts,  through our working groups, is at the heart of IETA.

Working Groups Overview


The activities of our many Working Groups is at the heart of IETA's policy work, which covers a wide range of activities related to the climate and carbon markets. We cover forestry, REDD, voluntary markets, market oversight, and how decisions in the US and EU are affecting players and investors, directly and indirectly. We cover market developments from across the world - China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Africa, and more.

For additional information, background documents, working groups calls and more, please visit our Member Center.



Where the Job Gets Done


Through IETA’s Working Groups, Members leverage the commercial expertise, outreach capabilities and collective knowledge of an unrivaled diversity of global companies. Membership allows participation in all IETA’s working groups and all related events (forums, workshops and roundtables).


Members contribute to all the Working Group outputs, including:


  • Position Papers
  • Standard Commercial Documents and other Market Practices
  • New Protocols for Offsets Development
  • Communications Aimed at Both Political and Commercial Audiences


Working group participation provides an unparalleled opportunity to network with the leading companies involved in all aspects of the carbon business. Working groups give members access to the latest developments and capabilities in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) trading, Carbon Finance, Joint Implementation, Climate Negotiations, and the Clean Development Mechanism, as well as the latest GHG and climate policy developments around the globe.

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