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IETA Insights: Greenhouse Gas Market Report
No. 3 | SEPT 2018

The latest edition of IETA Insights 2018 shines a light on carbon pricing activity across the Americas, kicking off with a high-level overview of the Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas and an update on what signatories have achieved so far. The issue also features analysis of the implications of moves by Ontario’s new government to walk away from the province’s climate change policies, and shines a light on how Peru is leading the way on nested REDD+ projects. Rounding out the issue is a look at the intersection of voluntary renewable energy purchasing by corporates with emissions markets, drawing from experience in the US.

For more information or content suggestions for future issues, please contact Katie Kouchakji on kouchakji@ieta.org. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Spafford at spafford@ieta.org.

Full Contents of IETA Insights No. 3

Carbon Market News - Carbon Pulse
Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas: Building Momentum Among Continents - Neydi Cruz, Angela Churie Kallhauge, Dirk Forrister and Nathaniel Keohane
Carbon Pricing Across the Americas - IETA's North America team
The Cost of Closing a Carbon Market - Michael Berends, Michiel ten Hoopen, Nicolas Girod

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