Making net zero possible

IETA is a non-profit business group championing the power of high integrity markets to reach net-zero targets


Membership of IETA is open to all companies, business organisations and affiliated national and regional trading associations around the world

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Key initiatives

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  • B-PMI

    Working alongside the World Bank’s PMI to help build capacity and knowledge among businesses in jurisdictions with new carbon pricing systems.

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  • Article 6
    modelling studies

    IETA has partnered with researchers from the the Center for Global Sustainability at the University of Maryland to produce a number of studies about the potential of international carbon market approaches, identifying how Article 6 implementation could encourage businesses to accelerate climate action and nations to advance more ambitious commitments.

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    ICROA is a leading industry Accreditation Programme committed to enhancing integrity in the voluntary carbon market in support of the Paris Agreement Goals.

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  • High-Level Criteria for Carbon Geostorage Activities

    IETA’s High-Level Criteria for Carbon Geostorage Activities are a set of principles to govern the development of tradable reductions and removals using technology-based carbon sink enhancements that can assume a major role in achieving the net zero goal of the Paris Agreement.

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  • “With the growth in both regulated and voluntary carbon markets and a renewed focus on international discussions/Article 6 in 2021, it is vital to keep up to date with the latest policy thinking and discussions. IETA and its staff provide valuable policy insights and also offers a unique forum to engage with other businesses involved in carbon markets.”

    Tim Atkinson

    Director, Sales and Carbon Trading, CF Partners

  • “We joined IETA because it’s the leading forum for ideas, discussion and action on the future of the carbon markets, and we’re keen to participate. We also want to keep abreast of major industry developments, and of course, spread the word about our efforts to bring transparency and quality to the markets. We’ve valued the opportunity to contribute to IETA’s consultation responses and the nuanced conversations with other members about current policy and market events. We look forward to continuing to work together with members in our quest to leverage data to win the battle against the climate crisis. 

    Ben Rattenbury

    VP Policy, CF Partners

  • “IETA provides opportunities for our firm and our industry via events, educational and informational initiatives and through the valuable network of industry professionals it serves. We’re proud to be a part of its mission and vision for environmental markets. 

    Richard Wilson

    Managing Director, European Sales, IncubEx

  • “IETA has always been a critical force in the development of global carbon markets and bringing together stakeholders to collaborate. The carbon market is an integral tool for the global community to reach climate change goals, and the Reserve recognizes that working together with other market stakeholders through IETA is critical for ensuring we utilize this tool to its highest potential. 

    Jennifer Weiss

    Vice President, Communications and Business Outreach, Climate Action Reserve