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09 Dec 2015 2:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

PARIS, 9 December– The Climate Markets Investment Association (CMIA) and IETA are delighted to announce that they have awarded today’s COP 21 Carbon Pricing Champion Award to Mary Nichols, on behalf of the state of California, for the leadership role the state and its authorities have played in encouraging the uptake of carbon pricing.

The award will be presented at the IETA/WBCSD Pavilion at 4:15pm CET. 

California hosts the first economy-wide cap-and-trade system targeting GHG emissions in the United States and has led the way in the Western Climate Initiative. Its linked market with Québec is a shining example of how sub-nationals are leading the way in this area in North America. And California is not stopping there: the state is actively engaged in discussions and knowledge-sharing with its southern neighbours as well as the emerging national market in China.

Although California doesn’t have a seat at the COP21 negotiations between nations, it has a deep track record of consistent, ambitious environmental and carbon pricing record that is in the process of being imitated around the world. This sustained political leadership that turned California’s Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency into de facto UNFCCC “best practice” ambassadors makes the state of California a worthy recipient of today’s award


A broad spectrum of over 1000 countries, regions, companies and organisations signed a communiqué at the Global Climate Summit in New York in September 2014, expressing support for a global price on carbon. Since then, through the INDC process, more than 80 countries have signalled their intent to use carbon pricing as a means to take forward their climate and low-carbon commitments. All recognise that putting a price on carbon is one of the most effective ways both in which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to incentivise - through a strong carbon price - investment in low-carbon technologies and services.

The action now being taken by the US government, via the Clean Power Plan, and the announcement by the Chinese government that it will launch a national emissions trading system in 2017 is further evidence of the burgeoning support for carbon pricing around the world.

IETA and CMIA both believe that international agreement made in Paris should contain language specifically on carbon pricing and markets to send a strong, tangible signal to the private sector worldwide - the primary source of capital for mobilising against climate change.

For further details please contact:

CMIA: Richard Folland,, +44 75 2879 0182

IETA: Jeff Swartz,, + 32 487 57 6130

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The Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) is the voice of the international climate finance community. Governments and policy makers across the world recognise and engage with CMIA as a leader amongst progressive trade associations with regards to enabling and incentivising economically efficient climate investment and a market-based approach.

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