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IETA COP23 Wrap – 7 November

07 Nov 2017 5:27 PM | Anonymous

Hallo from Bonn to all our members!

The first two days at COP23 have almost been and gone, and negotiators are getting down to work in earnest. But first, some potential positive news, with reports that Syria is set to sign up to the Paris Agreement – leaving the US as the sole outsider.

On the negotiations, and specifically Article 6, which are agenda item 11 at SBSTA47. The overall aim of the SBSTA talks is to focus on substance this week, and then procedure early next week, with a view to adopting conclusions next Wednesday (15 November), ahead of the start of the high-level segment on Thursday. It’s an ambitious timetable, but it is encouraging that things got swiftly underway.

The talks began yesterday with the release of three informal documents, which the co-facilitators prepared following a workshop over the weekend, relating to item 11a, Article 6.2 (cooperative approaches), 11b, Article 6.4 (emissions mitigation mechanism), and 11c, Article 6.8 (non-market approaches). An initial contact group was held yesterday afternoon, which set out the work plan for these negotiations.

Overnight, the co-facilitators prepared three new notes, representing a proposed text to work from. Again, these were structured into Article 6.26.4 and 6.8. These new notes draw from the weekend’s workshop as well as submissions from Parties prior to COP. However, Parties had not had long enough to look over the new papers, so during this morning’s contact group the co-facilitators simply walked Parties through the text. 

Work resumed late this afternoon, with the first informal session, focused purely on 6.2. The group worked through the headings and sub-headings, and got through sections 1 and 2 (principles and definitions), and halfway through 3 and 4 (guidance for using ITMOs towards an NDC, and for countries issuing an ITMO) before the allotted two hours was up. The next informal, expected tomorrow, will focus on 6.4, the one after on 6.8, then cycle back around to 6.2.

Part of the issue regarding sections 3 and 4 is that some Parties would like to see the two merged into one, since there is a lot that is relevant to both an issuer and a user of ITMOs. However, not everyone agrees, so there is some debate to be had.

Elsewhere, ICROA Director Simon Henry had the opportunity today to deliver the BINGO interventions at the CMP Plenary on the CDM and JI. His statements can be seen online; the CDM one begins at 05.57 and the JI at 12.50.

Today also saw the launch of IETA’s Business Hub side events. With over 70 events throughout the COP, we eased ourselves in with two events today, focused on innovations to implement SDGs then a busy session on access to REDD+ finance. Events resume tomorrow at 9.30am, with events for BMUB, VCS, IAEA and, of course, ourselves. Our full programme is available on our COP23 webpage. If you’re in Bonn and yet to visit our Hub, we’re in the Bonn zone, in zone A – come in the main entrance, turn right and keep on walking to the end, past WWF’s Panda Hub, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

Note to members on the ground in Bonn: We are issuing a Daily Bulletin, offering a brief recap of the day at the COP and a preview of the day to come. If you are at the COP but not on IETA’s delegation, please email Katie Kouchakji at kouchakji@ieta.org if you wish to be added to the mailing list.  

That’s all for tonight. The next update will be sent on Thursday. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact any of the IETA team with any questions. 


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