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The COP23 will take place in Bonn, the seat of the Climate Change Secretariat, under the ‘ONE CONFERENCE, TWO ZONES’ Concept. Both zones, Bonn & Bula, are placed under the authority of the United Nations and will only be accessible to those with accreditation from the UNFCCC. Both zones are connected by a 1.4km walkable pathway, serviced by electric shuttles and free bicycles. 

Bonn Zone: 

  • Temporary structures located in the Rheinaue Park
  • All country pavilions, official side events, global climate action events (including high-level events), media events and press conferences, exhibits, as well as catering and other facilities

Bula Zone: 

  • World Conference Center Bonn, UN Campus and a temporary extension
  • Negotiation area with plenary halls, meeting rooms and press centre, as well as catering and other facilities

The IETA BusinessHub is located in the Bonn Zone, in the upper right section of the ‘Delegation Pavilions’ Hall. 

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