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Day 7 - 10 December 2018

10 Dec 2018 11:13 PM | Anonymous

IETA COP24 Report

KATOWICE, 10 December - Greetings from Katowice!

The second Monday is typically the most stressful day of COPs: the side-event programme hits its peak, as ministers and senior executives arrive for the critical stage of the negotiations.

Today was no exception. IETA hosted a packed schedule of side events at the Business Hub, while negotiators huddled in closed meetings for much of the day to try and bridge differences on a host of issues.

As we noted in our email yesterday (Sunday), the Article 6 talks have grown more problematic as the number of brackets have grown and alternative options have multiplied.

The COP Presidency has proposed a new procedural approach of delegating specific topics to pairs of facilitators. These pairs are tasked with clearing up the text so that Parties can reach agreement on technical issues, and forward more political ones to ministers for consideration later this week. They've been given a deadline of 1700 Tuesday to forward text to the Presidency.

The COP presidency issued three documents covering the mode of work for the remainder of the week herehere and here.

When the Article 6 text is forwarded to ministerial level, it will be taken up by James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change of New Zealand and Carolina Schmidt, Minister of the Environment of Chile. 

At the IETA Business Hub, we kicked off Monday with a guest appearance by Dirk Forrister at an event at the Chinese pavilion, where he outlined lessons that existing emissions markets can offer to China’s emerging ETS.

The International Carbon Action Partnership and Quebec held an event on linking emissions trading systems at the IETA hub, at which California ARB chief Mary Nichols and Quebec minister MarieChantal Chassé highlighted the experience of the WCI.

Katie Sullivan moderated a panel on linking emissions markets. 

Our friends at Mootral presented a workshop on reducing emissions from cattle with its feed supplement, as well as a technical workshop on a project methodology.

Stefano De Clara moderated a discussion on the future of Asian carbon markets, with contributions from the China Carbon Market Centre and IGES.

Panel discussion on the future of Asian carbon markets.

Our final event of the day saw IETA and CMIA presenting the Carbon Pricing Champion Award to Ricardo José Lozano, environment minister of Colombia, in recognition of the leadership of the Colombian government in the promotion of carbon pricing and offsetting as instruments to address climate change.

IETA and CMIA present the Carbon Pricing Champion Award to Colombia.

Tuesday's programme of events at the IETA Hub starts at 0930 CET with presentations and a panel discussion led by the International Energy Agency on "Policy Packages for the Clean Energy Transition." 

At 1100 CET we welcome Lord Nicholas Stern to the Hub, where he will join a stellar panel to discuss how the green economy transition can be financed. The event is sponsored by the EBRD and will feature speakers from the London School of Economics, ENEL, the EBRD and the Silesian metropolitan authority.

At 1230 CET Shell will host presentations on the latest thinking on technologies and drivers that are needed to trigger the abatement required. Shell will present elements of its Sky Scenario, as well as parts of the new Energy Transition Commission's Mission Possible report.

Lord Stern returns to the IETA Hub at 1400 CET to participate in a discussion on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage technology, along with representatives of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BHP, NRDC and the Norwegian energy ministry.

The final side-event of the day will be led by David Hone of Shell, and will explore how the transportation sector can find a pathway to a low-emissions future A large panel of experienced speakers will discuss the challenge of meeting short-term consumer expectations while still fulfilling longer-term societal objectives.

IETA will hold its Annual General Meeting at the Marriott Courtyard from 1700 CET. The meeting is open to IETA members only, and will be followed by a reception.  

We hope to see you at some of our side-events tomorrow, as well as at the AGM. Remember, our side-event programme can be found online at www.ieta.org/COP24.



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