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COP24 Briefings

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  • 04 Dec 2018 11:54 PM | Anonymous

    IETA COP24 Report

    KATOWICE, 4 December - Negotiations shifted into higher gear today, as the various workstreams moved into informal contact groups to develop the draft decisions into more workable text. The goal is to deliver semi-final text by Saturday, with only key elements to be finalised, that will be passed on to the higher level.

    In the Article 6 discussions, Parties primarily acknowledged that now is the time to compromise, though many continued to stress their priorities for inclusion in a package of decisions. 

    A compromise submission on emissions-based accounting was tabled by Costa Rica and Colombia with many other signatories including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland and the European Union. These included virtually all the items contained within the Chairs’ Reflection notes for Co-operative Approaches - a new version was due to be published today but has not yet appeared on the UN website (the October version is here). 

    Parties placed particular emphasis on environmental integrity, avoiding double-counting (corresponding adjustments and robust reporting), whether co-operative actions may be carried out only inside or also outside the scope of NDCs, and how it should be accounted for, governance/integrity of the system (including the role of a potential Supervisory Body), share of proceeds (for Article 6.4 and/or Article 6.2), the transition of the CDM and the transfer (or not) of existing credits. Many stressed that Article 6 exists to assist Parties in meeting their NDCs.

    A new Chairs’ text will be released tomorrow and in the meantime, Parties were asked to hold bilateral discussions to enable compromises to be reached. 

    Side-event on Implementation of Article 6 at IETA's Business Hub

    The IETA Business Hub hosted three successful side-events today, with a packed room listening to presentations on CORSIA, on implementing Article 6 and on the impact of response measures (Article 4.15).

    We have another busy day tomorrow at the IETA Business Hub, starting with an 1100 CET event on carbon capture led by Chevron, followed by a 1230 CET session on unleashing the potential market mechanisms. This side-event is being sponsored by the German environment ministry.

    There are also two important events taking place tomorrow elsewhere in the COP village: at 1000 CET at the the EU Pavilion, IETA's Simon Henry will be participating in a round-table discussion on carbon pricing, and its potential in driving the transition to a low-carbon economy.

    The main event tomorrow, however, is the launch of the Katowice Declaration on Sound Carbon Accounting. IETA, together with our friends at Environmental Defense Fund and several other business groups and NGOs, will launch a call for robust carbon accounting, to ensure environmental integrity, business certainty and public confidence in market mechanisms.

    This event will feature speakers from NGOs, companies and government delegations as well as our own Dirk Forrister.

    This event will take place at the UK pavilion in Area E from 1330 CET. If you're already in Katowice, join us to show your support! We'll be issuing a press release and publishing the Declaration in full at that time.

    And lastly, a quick advance notice that at 1800 CET on Friday December 7, IETA and CMIA will present the first of two Carbon Pricing Champion Awards, recognising success and leadership in developing carbon markets. Join us at the IETA Business Lounge for the ceremony and reception!

    Kind regards,


  • 03 Dec 2018 10:52 PM | Anonymous

    IETA COP24 Report

    Katowice, 3 December - Greetings from chilly Poland! The final touches have been put to the venue and work got underway on Sunday in the plenaries to make sure COP24 gets off to a running start.

    It's only Monday, but already some decisions have been taken. In particular, the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) decided to postpone the agenda item "Review of modalities and procedures for the Clean Development Mechanism" until the 50th meeting of SBI next year.

    Discussions over the future of the CDM and JI have been delayed since COP22 in Marrakech, as negotiators wait to see how the talks on transitioning the mechanisms into Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement progress.

    There were a number of procedural interventions in Sunday's opening plenary, one of which means that the annual reports to COP from ICAO and IMO will not be made this year.

    While Monday was given over to the ceremonial opening of the COP, the Presidency set aside a number of rooms for informal consultations among Parties on the full range of agenda items, including"matters relating to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement".

    There was a notable intervention from the Presidents of the five previous COPs, in which Laurent FABIUS (COP21), Frank Bainimarama (COP23), Salaheddine Mezouar (COP22), Manuel Pulgar Vidal (COP20) and Marcin Korolec (COP19) called on the Polish presidency "to send an unequivocal message from Katowice for enhanced ambition by 2020 that puts the world on a trajectory compatible with the objectives of the Paris Agreement."

    IETA staff are already busy communicating our positions to delegates and making sure business' voice is heard. You can read all about our positions for COP24 and Article 6 in particular on our COP24 webpage, or in our Business Hub Program Guide - copies are available at Business Hub.

    Our side events kick off on Tuesday with three sessions at the IETA Business Hub: at 1130 CET, Jane Hupe from ICAO, Yue Huang of IATA, and Katerina Kolaciova of Vertis Environmental Finance will discuss whether governments, airlines and markets are ready for CORSIA.

    At 1300 CET, the European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCCST) will host a briefing and discussion on the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. We'll be joined by negotiators Martin Hession of the EU, Anshari Rahman of Singapore, Kay Harrison of New Zealand, Mandy Rambharos of South Africa and Mbaye Diagne of Senegal, who will offer their perspective on how cooperative approaches may be elaborated in the Paris Rulebook. 

    Finally, at 1800 CET, ERCCST will host a discussion on Article 4.15 of the Paris Agreement, which covers the forum on the economic impact of response measures on Parties, particularly developing countries.

    In addition to these events, the daily BINGO briefing takes place in the Wisla side-event room at 0900 CET, where observers from the various business organisations will update you on the progress of the talks and of any items of interest.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our Business Hub in the coming days. You can find us in Hall H at the COP grounds, close to the side-event rooms.

    Kind regards,


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