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IETA COP25 Daily Report - 10 December 2019

10 Dec 2019 10:59 PM | Anonymous

It’s been a day of radio silence from the negotiating rooms at COP25, as the negotiations shifted into a higher gear, but in a closed setting. The Article 6 draft text is now with the Chilean Presidency after the SBSTA closed its session at around 0200 this morning without making any further headway.

The Presidency this morning circulated the texts among Parties and asked the climate ministers of New Zealand (James Shaw) and South Africa (Barbara Creecy) to facilitate discussions at ministerial level. Parties were encouraged to focus on where convergence can be found, rather than on drafting new text or adding new options.

The key issues on their agenda are metrics, inside/outside NDCs, Share of Proceeds, OMGE and the CDM transition. Additional issues include reporting and review cycles, baselines, additionality and Article 6.8. IETA observers and members coordinated our input to these issues and transmitted them to the Parties as well.

Parties met for informal discussions in closed session throughout the afternoon, discussing baselines and additionality, corresponding adjustments, and reporting and review for two hours each.

The goal is to find convergence on the technical parts of the texts – before ministers take over and sort out the political issues. Working in an informal setting, and under time pressure, negotiators are showing willingness to compromise on the remaining technical issues. The Presidency is seeking inputs on potential compromises, before a new text can be produced. 

Wednesday at the IETA Business Hub

Wednesday starts at 0930 when Katie Sullivan will be in conversation with Alastair Handlery of Carbon Credit Solutions. Alastair will present CSS’ Methane Abatement Project Platform, a software system that helps quantify site-specific methane emissions.

At 1100, Viresco Solutions will host a discussion at which Bayer will present its measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification framework that is aimed at scale Climate Smart Agriculture practices for collective action to reduce on-farm emissions.

At 1230, we welcome the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, who will host a discussion on how to realise the potential of Article 6. Professor Robert Stalins of Harvard will moderate a high-level panel that will examine the potential for Article 6 to decrease mitigation costs and incentivise increased ambition.

The Asia Society Policy Institute will take over at 1400 to look at the latest developments in efforts to link carbon markets in Asia. Speakers from Korea, Thailand, the Asian Development Bank and New Zealand will identify specific opportunities and benefits of further cooperation – covering ETSs, offset projects, and other potential cooperative avenues.

At 1530, IETA will host a special panel discussion to review the state of the Article 6 negotiations, the remaining sticking points (we can probably guess a few already), and what the priorities should be for governments, the private sector and civil society. Rick Saines, the outgoing IETA board chairman, will moderate a discussion that we hope will include representatives from countries and the UNFCCC.

At 1730, the Climate Advisers Trust will host a session to introduce a new model for enhancing ambition: “Contingent International Contributions and International Mitigation Partnerships for Forests”. Speakers from the Environmental Defense Fund and Climate Advisers Trust will outline the new initiative.

The evening will close with cocktail receptions hosted by the Asia Society Policy Institute and Climate Advisers.

We will share any important updates or new text as soon as it comes out.

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