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IETA-Hydrogen Council Roundtable: January 19 2022

COP 26 in Glasgow saw the Parties to the Paris Agreement reach a landmark agreement on global carbon market mechanisms, completing the so-called Article 6 Rulebook.

Against this backdrop, IETA and the Hydrogen Council held a roundtable session on January 19 to discuss:

i. the impact of implementation of the Glasgow Pact and the Article 6 Rulebook may have on the evolution of compliance and voluntary carbon markets, and

ii. whether and how the evolution of international carbon markets could impact the uptake of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

The discussion, to be held under Chatham House rules, is being hosted for members of IETA and the Hydrogen Council, and will feature speakers from government, consultancies, private investors and energy sector stakeholders.


  • Welcome and introduction by the Hydrogen Council & IETA
  • Outcomes of the Article 6 negotiations and key elements of the Rulebook - Peer Stiansen, Ministry of the Environment, Norway 
  • The evolution of international carbon markets and voluntary carbon markets – Elena Belletti, Wood Mackenzie
  • Keynote address: Mark Lewis, Andurand Capital
  • Panel discussion: What future for international carbon pricing mechanisms and what role they can play in stimulating the uptake of renewable and low carbon hydrogen, with:
    John McArthur, Group Climate Change Officer, ADNOC
    Alicia Eastman, President, InterContinental Energy
    Jessica Verhagen, CEO, Hydra Energy
  • Closing remarks by the Hydrogen Council & IETA

The presentation that was used during the roundtable can be downloaded here.

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