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IETA - IATA Workshop Summary: Geneva, 24th July 2018

IETA and IATA recently held a carbon market and aviation sector workshop in Geneva focussing on market opportunities and challenges under the Paris Agreement and CORSIA. 

Please find here a full summary of the discussions points and the list of attendees to this year's IETA - IATA Workshop hold in Geneva on the 24th of July. 

See below a brief overview of the Agenda items as well as links to the presentations: 

1. Welcome and Introduction

2. CORSIA latest progress –IATA (ppt here)

a.  Update with special focus on EUC

b.  Q&A

3. UNFCCC/Paris Agreement

a.  Update on progress under Article 6–IETA (ppt here

b.  Presentation on research of carbon market scenarios for supply-demand impacts –New Climate (ppt here)

c.  Q&A

4. Double-counting

a.  The “CORSIA” perspective (“EUC” requirements) –IATA (ppt here)

b.  UNFCCC, Parties and Voluntary Market Perspectives –IETA (ppt here and here)

c.  Status of potential ClimateWorks/Meridian Institute guidance development –Nancy 

d. Case Study of Peruvian Government to address double-counting –Ecosphere (ppt here)

e.   Q&A + Discussion

5. Technical Advisory Body (ppt here)

6. Roundtable discussion on implications for carbon markets and actions for IETA and IATA 

    to focus on in coming months.

We will be hosting a joint IETA-IATA webinar in September to follow up on actions from the workshop. We will share details soon.

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