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IETA INSIGHTS | No. 1 | may 2017

IETA Insights: Greenhouse Gas Market Report
No. 1 | May 2017

We are proud to present IETA Insights, our new quarterly report!

Carbon pricing efforts are developing at a quickening pace around the world, spurred in part by the collaborative ethos of the Paris Agreement forged in 2015. Support for market-based measures remains at the core of IETA’s ethos, and IETA Insights will chart these developments and look at the innovative ways in which policies are enacted to suit national, regional and sectoral circumstances.

Published four times a year, IETA Insights will keep the business case for emissions trading in focus and expand the understanding of market-based policies to fight climate change. We hope you enjoy reading it, and always welcome your feedback – please contact Katie Kouchakji on kouchakji@ieta.org. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Spafford on spafford@ieta.org.

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