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IETA Led Upcoming events

    • 25 Sep 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM (EDT)
    • HGU Hotel, 34 E 32nd Street, New York City


    25 SEPTEMBER 2018

    HGU Hotel, 34 E 32nd Street, New York City (Map) 

    Registration mandatory: FREE of charge for IETA Members / 199 US$ for Non Members


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    Welcome Note

     8.30-9.00  Registration
    1905 Living Room Lounge

    Welcome Remarks & Keynote - CEO Scene-Setter
    We look forward to welcoming you to this innovative and idea driven event. We have structured this day to foster discussion and encourage collaboration.

    Dirk Forrister, President & CEO, IETA

    1905 Living Room Lounge
    Analyst Outlook: RGGI+ & North American Markets
    Morning opens with an Analysts’ Panel, exploring the latest policy and market analytics & forecasts across RGGI+, WCI and US EPA New Rule vs. Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

    Dan McGraw, Head of Americas, Carbon Pulse

    Nicolas Girod, Managing Director, ClearBlue Markets
    Stuart Murray, Principal, Head of Energy Management North America, Poÿry
    Jan Harrichandiran, Carbon Emissions Broker, BGC Group
    Jennifer McIsaac, Director, S&P Global Platts

     10.30-11.00 Lobby Bar Coffee Break
    1905 Living Room Lounge
    RGGI+ Leadership Dialogue
    RGGI has grown up! Today marks the 10th anniversary of RGGI’s first-ever auction – lots have been learned, and lots of have been changed since the program early years. With North America’s first cap and trade system holding a decade of experience, what does the future hold this market?  New participants? More growth?  Will the price finally move closer to its Western Climate Initiative (WCI) cousin? Will RGGI expand beyond electricity? IETA hosts RGGI staff, leading market participants and potential future members of the “club” for a candid roundtable discussion about where RGGI’s been and, more importantly, where the market might be headed through 2020. As RGGI Members finalize 2017 Program Changes and climate market developments abound – inside and outside the region – this will be an unbeatable opportunity to learn about what the future holds for the US’ oldest kid on the carbon market block.

    Justin Johnson, RGGI+ Representative, IETA

    Andrew McKeon, Executive Director, RGGI
    Jordan Stutt, Carbon Programs Director, Acadia Centre
    Lois New, Deputy Commissioner, NYSDEC
    Adam Raphaely, Head of Emissions and Renewable Energy, Mercuria Energy Trading
    James Bradbury, Mitigation Program Director, Georgetown Climate Center

     12.30-14.00 Rooftop Lunch
    (Buffet lunch served in meeting room - Rosehill Restaurant)
    Side Event 1: Preparing New Tradable Instruments & Sustainability Principles for the Paris Era - Where Climate Mitigation and SDG Objectives must come Together

    Part 1 (12:30-13:10) - The Corporate Pathway to Increased Engagement with Renewable Energy and W+
    A session about how corporate demand for renewable energy has increased globally. What drives the corporates? How can they engage further to make impact on the SDGs. This session has special focus on I-RECs - Renewable Energy procurement outside Europe and USA, and how corporates can make a measurable impact on women’s lives with W+.

    David Ungar, Executive Director, GHG Mitigation and Sustainability, ACWA Power

    Jeanette Gurung, Executive Director, WOCAN
    Stein Amble Haugan, Director, Corporate Customers, ECOHZ
    Ingo Puhl, Member, W+ Advisory Group

    Part 2 (13:20-14:00) - Using the AccountAbility Principles for Sustainable Business Performance
    A presentation of case studies of international companies and organizations that have successfully embedded the AccountAbility Principles of Inclusivity, Materiality, Responsiveness & Impact to create sustainable value for their organization and stakeholders. The session will notably outline companies that have used the AA1000 Principles to identify, prioritize and measure the effect of climate-related issues.

    David Ungar, Executive Director, GHG Mitigation and Sustainability, ACWA Power

    Daniel Metzger, Managing Associate, AccountAbility

    David Pritchett, Head of Services, Europe, AccountAbility

    1905 Living Room Lounge
    Analyst Outlook: International Carbon Markets & Power Article 6
    Afternoon opens with an Analysts’ Panel, exploring the latest policy and market analytics & forecasts under the Paris Agreement. Looking at the numbers and pathway scenarios towards our 2 Degree Celsius goal, the critical role & power of markets, “cooperation” and Article 6 (provided successful operationalization!) will prove undeniable. Some never-before-seen analytical research and scenarios will be showcased – setting the stage for the day’s final Talanoa global roundtable.

    Katie Sullivan, Managing Director, IETA

    Elliot Diringer, Executive Vice President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)
    Ruben Lubowski, Chief Natural Resource Economist, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
    Venkata Ramana Putti, Program Manager, Carbon Markets and Innovation, World Bank Group
    Jean-Yves Caneill, Senior Fellow, ICTSD/ERCST/IETA
     15.00-15.30  Lobby Bar Coffee Break
    1905 Living Room Lounge
    Article 6 Leadership Dialogue
    Talanoa means getting to the “greater good” by sharing stories to build new and better understanding with mutual respect for differing views. This year’s dialogue asks us to reach for greater climate ambition by exploring where we are, where we need to go, and how will we get there? Focus of this final NYC leadership dialogue is on the role of markets under the Paris Agreement in delivering and helping to ratchet-up ambition. Article 6 can deliver higher ambition at lower cost, but its provisions need to be brought to life. Will COP24 deliver rules to unleash the full potential of international carbon trading?

    David Hone, Chief Climate Change Adviser, Shell International

    Patrick Suckling, Ambassador for the Environment, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government
    Peter Betts, Director, International Climate and Energy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, UK Government
    James Grabert, Director, Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme & Lead, Global Climate Action, UNFCCC
    Charlotte Wolff-Bye, Vice-President Sustainability, Equinor
    Dharsono Hartono, Managing Director & Founder, P.T. Rimba Makmur Utama, Indonesia
    Paul Jefferiss, Head of Group Policy, BP International
    Nathaniel Keohane, Senior Vice President, Climate, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
    Matthew Bateson, Head of Environment and Legacy Management, RioTinto

    1905 Living Room Lounge
    CEO Fireside Chat & Wrap

    Dirk Forrister, President & CEO, IETA

    Gerard Mestrallet, Chair, Engie & Co-Chair CPLC
    John A. Roome, Senior Director for Climate Change, World Bank Group
     17.30-18.30 (Rosehill Restaurant)  Side Event 1: Business innovation to tackle climate change – Are Corporate PPAs part of the answer?

    An increasing number of corporations are focusing on value generation through energy procurement and management - combining energy cost management with environmental strategies. These strategies are enhancing brand value through the process of ‘greening’ and accessing additional value through strengthened relationships with either local communities or a wider customer base. Corporate PPAs supporting renewable energy projects have often played an important role in these strategies. Although interest in such corporate PPAs is rapidly growing, these are not a new phenomenon, with the first deals occurring almost ten years ago. However, the combination of tapering renewable subsidies, increasing energy prices and falling technology costs, has opened the door for corporate PPAs to become a material driver for change.

    Andrew Hedges, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
    Caileen Gamache, Senior Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright
     18.30-20.30  Rooftop Cocktail Reception hosted by IETA and Equinor


    For more information, interest in hosting your own side event session, speaking slots, and visibility opportunities, contact Lisa Spafford, spafford@ieta.org



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