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Celebrating 20 years of IETA

In June 1999, a visionary group of international companies and business associations founded IETA with the headquarters in Geneva. Their objective was to build on the economic mechanisms created by the Kyoto Protocol in order to achieve climate objectives with minimal economic harm. 

Over the next 20 years, IETA remained true to its mission, through highs and lows in market activity – and through political shifts and economic shocks. It continues to aim for excellence in harnessing market forces to deliver climate protection – to address climate challenges with market solutions.

We have put together a timeline highlighting the many achievements IETA has made throughout its history. It is an impressive, and by far not an exhaustive, list.

As we reflect on the past 20 years, IETA has remained engaged in policy and market developments all over the world, starting with the establishment of its Brussels office in 2005. As the EU market matured, IETA convened numerous forums for market participants to hone skills, develop business relationships and analyse policy impacts. IETA gained recognition for sponsoring development of the first model contracts for the EU, CDM and other markets that emerged, tapping the expertise of its wide membership.

IETA’s network extended to North America with the founding of an office in Washington, DC in 2007 and in Toronto, Canada in 2010. Driven by emerging policies at the state and provincial levels, companies in these jurisdictions sought to benefit from the global experience in carbon market solutions – and to share those experiences in the policy arena.

Today, IETA also has a presence in Beijing and London. We’re confident that, in a world where carbon pricing mechanisms are growing and expanding all the time, IETA offers the most effective way to navigate new markets, understand risks and find business opportunities. If you are interested in joining IETA, please do get in touch!

Eva Weightman
Relationship Manager

For more information on IETA and our work, see www.ieta.org


1 May: Hear Katie Sullivan present at the Time Summit in North Carolina

8-9 May: Lisa Spafford and Katie Kouchakji will be attending the 6th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit in Melbourne

13 May: Meet Katie Sullivan in Calgary at the Argus Canadian Clean Fuels and Carbon Markets conference

27-29 May: Katie Sullivan will be in Vancouver for the Clean Energy Ministerial

4-7 June: Meet IETA at the Innovate4Climate event in Singapore

IETA Member's Corner

How is BVRio involved in the carbon market?

BVRio Environmental Exchange is a Brazilian organisation with the mission to create and promote the use of market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with environmental laws.

With an initial focus on the Brazilian context, BVRio developed market mechanisms and tools (including trading platforms) to help overcome a variety of environmental challenges (water protection, waste recycling, forest protection, timber legality, agricultural sustainability).  More recently, the organisation started expanding its operations to other parts of the world, establishing presence in the UK, Switzerland, China, Indonesia, and Ghana, and adapting its tools to these various regions.

Created by pioneers in the climate sector (Pedro and Mauricio Moura Costa, former founder and managers of EcoSecurities Group Plc), BVRio is now expanding its activities to include carbon markets. Its carbon division is led by Pablo Fernandez, former EcoSecurities carbon trader, BVRio will focus on project development and trading of credits from projects in the energy, forestry and agricultural sectors.

Why did you join IETA?

BVRio is now joining IETA to become closer to the climate policy and carbon trading community, to benefit from its insights and to contribute to its efforts. 

Pedro Moura Costa
Director, BVRio

IETA Publications

IETA Insights 2019 #2: Which way up?

    Prices in the EU ETS have been volatile in recent months. Jahn Olsen at BloombergNEF analyses what's been driving them and where things could head in the closing months of Phase III of the world's oldest carbon market.

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