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Joint Submission regarding views on the guidance referred to in Article 6, paragraph 2, of the Paris Agreement

26 Sep 2016 11:41 PM | Anonymous

Joint Submission by Conservation International, Environmental Defense Fund, Forest Trends, IETA and The Nature Conservancy regarding views on the guidance referred to in Article 6, paragraph 2, of the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement was a major step forward for international cooperation on tackling climate change; not only did Parties agree to the ambitious mitigation goal of limiting average global temperature increase to well below 2°C, but they also agreed to a wide array of processes and tools aimed at achieving this goal. Cooperative approaches to meet and help surpass climate targets were featured prominently in the Agreement, as Parties devoted Article 6 to voluntary cooperation in implementing NDCs.

International cooperation using market-based approaches can play a powerful role in helping countries meet their near-term commitments as efficiently as possible, and can deliver sustained, increasing ambition over time by:

  • creating political buy-in for cost-effective climate policy;
  • spurring early action;
  • incentivizing improvements in domestic measurement, reporting, verification and accounting procedures;
  • promoting sustainable development and environmental integrity; and
  • delivering increased funding to mitigation efforts as part of a comprehensive strategy for increasing climate finance.

However, if Parties are to fulfill the potential mitigation opportunities these tools present, they should quickly agree on the necessary accounting guidance outlined above to prevent double counting and protect environmental integrity, while considering what additional work may be needed—inside and outside of the UNFCCC process—to ensure the long-term success of cooperative approaches.

Download the submission.

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