IETA - ICAP Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion

  • 11 Nov 2020
  • 12 Nov 2020
  • Virtual Event

11-12 November, Full Day Programs

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Postponement of the COP26 in Glasgow to November 2021 following the global impact of the Covid19 crisis risks delaying climate negotiations, but may also affect the momentum for carbon pricing observed across jurisdictions in recent years. While central to any COP is negotiations between parties, pavilion and side events serve as an important platform for organizations and stakeholders to engage, share knowledge, build capacity and networks and explore policy options and other activities. COPs also provide a bridge between the broader research community with negotiators, with benefits flowing in both directions. 

Against this backdrop, IETA and ICAP see the need for an alternative format to engage relevant stakeholders of the international community in discussions and exchanges centered around carbon markets and priorities for carbon pricing in the years ahead.



The idea of the pavilion is to replicate carbon markets side events through an online and virtual exchange platform that facilitates exchange between experts, policy makers, and negotiators across regions. The online pavilion can host webinars, panel discussions, expert talks/lectures and presentations, Q&As or interactive workshops. In similar fashion to regular COP side events, the virtual pavilion aims to serve as an informal carbon markets networking arena for people to connect and stay in touch. ICAP and IETA would together curate a program and invite partners, experts and other participants to participate in the virtual pavilion.


Pavilion events

Pavilion events will take on a range of formats. Webinars could consist of input presentations on a specific topic with a round of discussion or a Q&A with the participants afterwards. An Armchair Discussion provides a platform for invited experts to have a moderated conversation on a specific issue with an attached round of Q&A with the participants. “In conversations with” provide for a more in-depth interview style discussion between a moderator and expert. Interactive formats such as “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” provide space for participants to join a virtual room and engage in discussion with the audience on a range of issues. Virtual Workshops could serve as a platform where participants work together on a specific issue via interactive methods. Finally “open cafes” provide an informal carbon markets networking arena for people to connect and stay in touch.

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