IETA LIVE Series - The Integral Role of Carbon Removals in Getting to Net Zero: Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) and Direct Air Capture (DAC)

  • 09 Mar 2021
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Virtual Event


March 9, 2021          

10:30am – 12pm New York / 3:30pm – 5pm London / 4:30pm – 6pm Geneva 

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Co-hosted by IETA & Resilient & Vivid Economics

The IPCC, IEA and corporate-led initiatives, like the Task Force on Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM), all stress the increasing importance of Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDR) – addition to carbon reductions and avoidance – if the world is to effectively address a changing climate and reach the Paris Agreement targets. While Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) are a critical source of removals, net zero targets cannot be met without scaled contributions from Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) – including capturing carbon dioxide from the ambient air, known as Direct Air Capture (DAC). DAC can also play a key role in the necessary energy transition by producing carbon neutral and carbon negative hydrocarbons. Learn from policy and legal experts, DAC Technology Owners and Implementors, and Corporate Buyers who are focused on supporting and acceleration pathways to Net Zero while enhancing climate ambition under the Paris Agreement.

Moderator: Katie Sullivan, Managing Director – IETA

Scene Setting Presentation by Thomas Kansy, Director – Vivid Economics  


. Lisa De Marco, Senior Partner and CEO – Resilient  

. Lori Guetre, Vice President Business Development Carbon Engineering

. Stacy Kauk, Director Sustainability Fund Shopify