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COP edition of IETA Insights showcases global action, innovation

01 Nov 2017 5:07 PM | Anonymous

LONDON, 1 November – IETA is proud to release the 2017 COP23 edition of IETA Insights, profiling global climate action and the latest thought-leadership on Article 6. 

Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan, Chief Negotiator for the incoming COP23 Fijian Presidency, introduces the issue by setting out the country’s vision for the talks, which start next week, and the role business can play. 

This third issue of IETA’s quarterly publication also features six climate change initiatives around the world, IETA’s latest thinking on bringing Article 6 to life, how blockchain can help the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and the investment opportunities arising from Colombia’s new carbon price. 

“As governments gather to negotiate the Paris rulebook, it’s important to recognise the diversity of initiatives underway around the world, tailored to varying national circumstances,” says Dirk Forrister, President and CEO of IETA. “One of the challenges of the Paris Agreement is to bring all these efforts together and account for them in the same way, which is one area where technological innovation such as blockchain can make a real difference – and is why we have chosen to feature the topic now.”

The next edition will be released in December. For more information or content suggestions, please contact Katie Kouchakji on press@ieta.org. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Spafford at spafford@ieta.org.


An editorial committee, drawn from IETA’s membership, advises on the content and performs peer review. The 2017 editorial committee are: Kavita Ahluwalia, Uniper; Evan Ard, Evolution Markets; Jessica Butts, Delphi; Jean-Yves Caneill, formerly of EDF; Sophie Lu, BNEF; Mark Proegler, IETA Fellow; Judith Schröter, ICIS; Naomi Swickard, VCS; and Li Yifeng, Shanghai Zhixin.

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