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The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) is a non-profit professional industry body hosting a membership of businesses that deliver carbon reduction and offset services. ICROA members operate globally and are managed by an independent secretariat housed within IETA. The primary aim of ICROA is to promote best practices in carbon management and offsetting to support voluntary climate mitigation efforts. ICROA keeps abreast of the latest developments within carbon management and the carbon markets to ensure its members adhere to the best possible practices in the industry. 

ICROA provides consumer protection for parties wishing to voluntarily manage and offset their carbon emissions by ensuring its member companies follow and publically report against the ICROA Code of Best Practice, which provides specific requirements for the manner in which ICROA members provide their carbon footprinting, greenhouse gas reduction advice and offset services. ICROA members are 3rd party audited to assure the quality of their services.

Our aims:

  • Provide quality assurance to customers
  • Support development of the voluntary carbon market
  • Ensure quality service by promoting best practice guidance

For further details about ICROA, please see our website at: www.icroa.org

Why Be a Member of ICROA? 

  • Membership of ICROA is a commitment to the very best practices in carbon management and offsetting services. This commitment in turn attracts companies to ICROA and its members, knowing they will receive quality support
  • Members receive access to use ICROA branding as a quality stamp on their services. Access and discounts to events and invitation to high level networking opportunities with your peers
  • Membership also opens up new ways of working with and supporting your customers, knowledge sharing and makers worldwide. As a programme of IETA, ICROA provides its members access to IETA’s full suite of services

ICROA Members

How ICROA operates

  • ICROA is governed by the Executive Committee made up of a senior representative from each member company. The Executive Committee sets ICROA’s yearly agenda, budget and activities

  • Advocacy Working Group: This group is focusing on the future of the voluntary market and how it can grow under the Paris Agreement 

  • Communications Working Group: This group is building increased understanding and demand for the use of carbon credits in corporate carbon reduction programmes. It also aims to demonstrate the role and benefits of voluntary carbon offsetting in corporate carbon reduction programmes

  • Insetting Working Group: This group is working towards developing well defined rules on Insetting with high environmental integrity, and for these to be recognised and adopted by the market
  • Renewable Energy Working Group:  This group was created to assess the market for renewable energy tracking instruments, and how it overlaps with the voluntary carbon market. It will evaluate the options for ICROA to have a role in the future, and will consider collaboration opportunities with relevant renewable energy stakeholders


Antoine Diemert

ICROA Programme Director

Gérald Maradan

ICROA Co-Chair
EcoAct Group

Sandeep Roy Choudhury

ICROA Co-Chair
VNV Advisory

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