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Network Connections - June

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And we’re back!

I hope your summer break was as refreshing and relaxing as current circumstances allow. It’s been quite a challenge to actually “switch off” this year, I’m sure you’ll agree; monitoring the news for the latest travel restrictions or quarantine rules, worrying about school attendance plans, and that sudden sinking feeling when you arrive at the door to the supermarket and realise you left your mask at home….

Irrespective of the unusual times, the team at IETA is already hard at work preparing for the remainder of the year, which will feature an impressive roster of events that don’t require masks to attend. You’ve probably already received information about the first two events which took place last week, but rest assured there are plenty more where those came from!

September’s schedule kicks off with a blockbuster examination of the European Green Deal. This immense policy initiative envisages nothing less than a top-to-tail reform of business and industry across the bloc, with enhanced climate ambition running through every proposal.

The webinar will gather a panel of business and government representatives to examine the Deal, lay out its goals and consider how they will impact the EU’s main climate instrument, the EU ETS. The webinar will also look at the proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, the 2050 net zero goal and how the Green Deal can assist in the post-Covid recovery.

We move on to Climate Week New York, which takes place 21-27 September. IETA has organised its own Carbon Forum North America on the side of CWNY for a number of years, and in 2020 we will host three events.

The first, on 22 September, takes the form of a carbon trading competition organised by IETA, the International Chamber of Commerce and Air Carbon Exchange. We’ll have trading experts on hand to dish out advice and commentary on current market trends, and there’s a chance to win an Apple Watch.

On 23 September, our headline event will look at Unpacking the “NET” in Net-Zero: Role of Markets & Removals at Scale. With so many initiatives and definitions, it’s sometimes difficult to understand exactly what net zero entails, so we will host a group of experts who will unpack these plans take a look at the variety of commitments and focus on how markets can play a crucial role in bringing about net zero.

Our final CWNY event, on 24 September, will be held in partnership with the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP). A panel of carbon market administrators will provide their insights into the performance of major markets throughout the current crisis. The event aims to demonstrate that carefully designed carbon markets have shown themselves to be a resilient policy instrument for climate change mitigation even in the face of an unprecedented pandemic.

We’re still busily confirming speakers and topics for the rest of the year, but the schedule will include more Regional Carbon Pricing and Markets Virtual Series events:

21 September: North America Edition (8-9:30am LA/11am-12:30pm DC/5-6:30pm Geneva)

7 October: Latin America Edition (9-10:30am Bogota/10-11:30am DC/4-5:30pm Geneva)

20 October: Asia Pacific Edition (8-9:30am Geneva /2-3:30pm Singapore/5-6:30pm Melbourne)

18 November: Middle East Edition (8-9:30am DC / 2-3:30pm Geneva / 5-6:30pm Abu Dhabi)

As well as our annual IEA-IETA-EPRI event on 21 October, a “virtual pavilion” in conjunction with ICAP on 11-12 November and our European Climate Summit on  9-10 December. Save the dates now!

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s plenty of fascinating, challenging content coming your way, and we look forward to your participation!

Alessandro Vitelli
Communications Advisor, IETA

For more information about IETA and our work, check out www.ieta.org

IETA Live: Carbon Market Virtual Series

Join us as our FREE online series of webinars continue! Registration essential; see here for more information. Coming up in September...

  • 8 September: EU Green Deal: can the EU translate climate ambition into a low-carbon reality?
  • 23 September: Unpacking the “NET” in Net-Zero: Role of Markets & Removals at Scale (during Climate Week New York)

IETA Member's Corner

American Forest Foundation

How is Mullion Group involved in the carbon market?

Mullion Group was founded in Canberra, Australia in 2015. Previously, its management team had led the design and implementation of Australia’s GHG inventory for the country’s land sector for 10+ years. As a global consultancy focused on the AFOLU sector, the company works across multiple segments of the carbon markets; multilateral organisations, national and subnational governments, corporate enterprise, NGOs, carbon market intermediaries, and financial institutions.

The company’s flagship offering, FLINTpro, is SAAS-based data integration platform that empowers organisations from multiple sectors to effectively measure and manage land-sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. FLINTpro simplifies the aggregation of large and complex environmental data sets, applies globally recognised scientific and analytical models, and runs advanced simulations for its users.  

Why did you join IETA?

Mullion Group recognises the breadth, depth and excellence of the advocacy work that IETA delivers on a international basis. We have high hopes for contributing our AFOLU domain expertise, as well as our data management tools to technical working groups, pilot projects, and other multistakeholder initiatives. And of course, upon return to normal operating conditions - the fabulous networking parties at climate conferences around the globe!

Stephen Scofield
Vice President Business Development

IETA Publications

IETA's Carbon Market Business Briefs offer an easy-to-read overview of the world's carbon markets. Aimed at business executives, these briefs outline the coverage, deadlines, penalties, flexibilities, trading dynamics and other features for each market. The briefs provide commentary from local IETA members and partners on recent market developments, and enable simple at-a-glance comparisons for business.

This year's GHG Market Sentiment Survey offer a snapshot of the impact that carbon market practitioners expect Covid-19 to have on prices and an outlook for the years to come. It also surveys how many businesses are adopting net zero targets and how they plan to meet these goals. This year's survey also, for the first time, included responses from IATA members on the development of CORSIA.

IETA's Council released its guidance on net zero ambition, highlighting its support for the Paris Agreement and the role for markets in achieving net zero. This commitment to net zero will be adopted into IETA's working groups and guide the organisation's work going forward. 

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