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Article 6 of the Paris Agreement: The Value of Article 6 and Current Implementation Efforts (IETA & ICC Webinar Part 2)

19 November 2020

Organized by IETA & ICC

Building on notions and insights gained in the previous webinar, this second webinar will look at Article 6 more in detail. In particular, it will discuss research and modelling work on the environmental and economic potential of Article 6 and will review ongoing piloting efforts aimed at implementing Article 6 approaches in the real world. It will do so by bringing together a panel of key Article 6 practitioners and researchers from different backgrounds. Presentations and panel discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience.

Panelists presentation available HERE

Recording of the session available HERE

Opening Remarks: Majda Dabaghi, Director Inclusiec & Green Growth – ICC

Introduction to modelling and implementation of Art. 6: Stefano De Clara, International Policy Director – IETA

Moderator: Dirk Forrister, President & CEO – IETA


Sha Yu, GCAM Modeller - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Gokce Akin-Olcu, Senior Economist – EDF

Sandra Greiner, Lead Consultant – Climate Focus

Stephan Hoch, Director – Perspectives Climate Group

Chandra Shekhar Sinha, Lead Financial Specialist - World Bank

Christopher Zink, Senior Advisor - Climate Finance and Policy - Swedish Energy Agency

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