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Daily COP26 Report: Day 7 - 9 November 2021

10 Nov 2021 12:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

All talks were behind closed doors on Tuesday (informal informals and bilaterals), so we were unable to follow the discussions. We understand progress is being made, but we are not aware of any specific landing points.

Delegations were asked to submit proposals by 1800 GMT, and we expect new iterations of the Article 6 texts to be issued overnight. Potential cover decisions are being assembled into draft form, which may also be released overnight.

As of 2300 GMT, the Presidency had not yet published a daily agenda for Wednesday, so we are unaware of any schedule for stocktaking meetings or plenaries.

However, Business and Industry NGOs are scheduled to speak during the resumed High-Level Segment of the COP tomorrow afternoon. You will be able to watch the plenary online

We will bring you up to date at our live members' briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday at the IETA Business Hub

Carbon Finance Labs introduced a new tool to create, track and manage carbon declarations across supply chains for all products and services, and also presented a new carbon credit origination platform which has been designed for the e-mobility, decentralised storage and power grid flexibility sectors.

The Global CCS Institute hosted a panel discussion on the role that carbon capture and storage can play in tackling climate change, and the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD) presented its concept for a global carbon market through a “Global Carbon Council”.

Verra held a very popular meeting to discuss trends and changes in the voluntary carbon markets and the outlook for growth.

The Negative Emissions Platform brought together leading carbon removal buyers, suppliers, and thought leaders to discuss what enabling framework is needed to take public and private procurement of high-quality permanent removals to climate-relevant scale.  

Finally, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) discussed the prospects for renewables and grid-scale storage as a cost-effective replacement for fossil fuel-based power generation.

IETA also held its Annual General Meeting this afternoon, and Dirk will be reporting on the outcomes and decisions in due course.

Wednesday at the IETA Business Hub

Our opening event at 1000 GMT on Wednesday is hosted by Arbor Day Foundation, discussing how to go beyond carbon neutrality and how nature-based solutions, specifically trees and forests, put us on a path to net-zero and carbon negative outcomes. You can register for virtual participation here.

At 1130 GMT IETA will host an “Americas Deep Dive”. Katie Sullivan will moderate a panel discussion among experts on sub-national efforts as well as the prospects for federal action in the US, and will offer insights into developments across North American and Latin American voluntary markets. Virtual participation will be possible here.

IETA CEO Dirk Forrister will sit down at 1300 GMT for a conversation with Peter Liese, a member of the European Parliament and rapporteur for the EU ETS reforms, to discuss EU climate ambition and the bloc’s “Fit for 55” package. You can follow this conversation here.

Switzerland’s KliK Foundation will host a workshop at 1330 GMT to discuss the technical aspects of Article 6 and how they can fit together with national measures and frameworks. KliK is offering virtual participation here.

Also at 1330 GMT, Germany’s environment ministry will host a virtual discussion on challenges and opportunities for the Voluntary Carbon Market, with both buyer and seller perspectives. A panel discussion will cover how to ensure high quality in carbon credits, and how companies can make credible use of them. You can watch this event here.

The final event of Wednesday at 1630 GMT is hosted by Xpansiv, who will present a session on “Scaling the Voluntary Market: The Emergence of Standardised Contracts”.

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