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NACS 2022 - DAY 2

September 22, 2022

Organised by IETA in collaboration with ICAP


G7 Climate Club Proposal: Promise of Increased Ambition & Protecting Competitiveness followed by Plenary – Power Companies, The Clean Energy Transition & Value of International Cooperation

Side Event Session Organised by Carbon Finance Labs - Hard to Decarbonize SectorsDecarbonizing Chemicals Using Digital Carbon Twining in Preparation for CBAM (carbon border adjustment mechanism) and Value-Added Products 

Deep Dive  Financial Institutions, Net Zero and Carbon Markets

  • Recording 
  • Jan-Willem van de Ven, Head of Climate Finance and Carbon Markets - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD): Presentation 

Deep Dive - Net Zero Markets for Agriculture & Forests

  • Recording
  • Karen Haugen-Kozyra, Founder - Viresco Solutions: Presentation
  • Matt Nespeca, Head of ESG and New Business Models - Bayer Environmental Science: Presentation 
  • Max DuBuisson, Head of Sustainability - Indigo Ag: Presentation
  • Chris Vance, Environment Impact Leader - Pure Life Carbon: Presentation
  • Michelle Nutting, Director Ag and Env. Sustainability - Nutrien: Presentation
  • Sean Babington, Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretary - U.S Department of Agriculture: Presentation

Deep Dive - World Café Workshop: Roundtable on the VCM (Not recorded)

Side Event Session Organised by SustainCERT - Discussion on Digital Verification, Changing Roles & Principles for Best Practice

Deep Dive - Carbon & Competitiveness: Plugging the Leak with Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs) 

Deep Dive - Capturing the Potential of Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) / Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Plenary - Digital Climate Assets: Developing an End-to-End Digital Climate Market 

Plenary - Convergence Between Compliance and Voluntary Markets & Closing Remarks 

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