2019 Annual Report

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The report includes the key lessons from the past 20 years, prepared by IETA Fellow and climate policy veteran Bill Kyte, a history of IETA’s origins by Frank Joshua, who was instrumental in establishing the association in 1999, and a look at the Voluntary Carbon Standard’s development, including IETA’s role in its conception.

Other highlights include a piece by Annie Petsonk from Environmental Defense Fund on the programmes bidding to supply the future aviation market, Refinitiv on how the EU is already inherently on track for a more ambitious 2030 target, and a summary of how a robust Article 6 mechanism could accelerate emissions reductions under the Paris Agreement, based on IETA’s work with the University of Maryland. It also includes an article from the Chilean government, which is presiding over this year’s UN climate talks, on how Article 6 can transform the world’s economy.

The report also includes the latest carbon pricing approaches across North America, an innovative approach to value nature in carbon markets, how Article 6 can benefit African nations, an outlook for EU ETS prices, and a look at pilot market efforts in Asia.