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IETA Article 6 Discussion Paper on How Governments Can Implement NDCs Cooperatively and Encourage Private Sector Investment

04 Jun 2022 7:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

This discussion paper aims to highlight important elements that governments need to consider and address to mobilise private sector resources and investment towards Article 6 mechanisms. The key elements were identified in discussions with our members and other business organisations, and we hope that, by articulating them together in this paper, IETA can help advance the use of Article 6 across relevant stakeholders.

Please, find the discussion paper here.

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  • 08 Jun 2022 6:49 PM | Anonymous member
    In terms of operability, I would suggest host countries should include as well a Working Group between the representatives of the private sector with constant dialogue. In this sense, it will be desirable to adapt a Committee for solving all doubts, suggestions or comments.

    For this matter, capacity building should engage the correct stakeholders, and as seen in some countries such as Mexico, all the capacity building material should be distributed freely, and stakeholders must hold a sustitute in case of absence.
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