Carbon Markets: The Power of Data & Innovation

Carbon Markets: The Power of Data & Innovation is a news-style programme that aims to unveil the often-overlooked narrative of impact within carbon market data, showcasing the transformative power of technology in driving positive change for the environment and local communities.

The campaign emphasises the real-world impact of accurate and accessible carbon market data, highlighting tangible effects on the planet and ultimately benefiting communities. By humanising the data and showcasing innovative solutions, the campaign shifts the narrative from abstract data and numbers to compelling stories of change.

Carbon Markets: The Power of Data & Innovation is led by the Climate Action Data Trust, an Initiative for public good headquartered in Singapore and founded by IETA, the World Bank, and the government of Singapore. Each partner in the campaign shares their unique story. Anchored by meteorologist and presenter Clare Nasir from ITN’s London studio, the campaign and programme aims to educate and empower companies, policymakers, and journalists to leverage carbon market data for decarbonisation strategies, policies, and climate storytelling.

The Programme features interviews with the CAD Trust’s Executive Director Dinesh Babu discussing the short and long term aims for the Initiative, and Hania Dawood, Manager, Climate Finance & Economics at the World Bank, discussing the World Bank’s pivotal role in digitising carbon markets. The programme also includes reporter-led sponsored editorial profile from the following organisations:


  • Chloris Geospatial has developed unique software that gives reliable data on carbon stored in forests and trees with the speed, scalability and accuracy required for the transition to net-zero.
  • CSES (Center for Social Value Enhancement Studies) CSES in Seoul discusses their Environment Protection Credit scheme which is an incentive for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and a mechanism which has data very much at its core.
  • GAIT Global claims its use of satellites and AI provides a robust, world class and real-time measure of carbon in the atmosphere. The Singapore based group has an interest in 100,000 square kilometres of carbon projects around the world including the one that we visited in Borneo.
  • InterOpera, Singapore based company, discuss how its new carbon asset exchange platform will support businesses on their journey to carbon neutrality.

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Interview with Dinesh Babu, CAD Trust

Interview with Hania Dawood, World Bank



GAIT Global