European Parliament approves Carbon Removal Certification framework

BRUSSELS, 10 April – Today, the European Parliament approved the provisional deal for the EU Carbon Removals Certification Framework (CRCF). The new instrument sets out requirements for the certification of temporary carbon removal units, including carbon farming and storage in long-lasting products, permanent removals, and soil emissions reductions. For now, CRCF units will only be able to contribute towards Member States’ Nationally Determined Contributions and the Union’s climate objectives, though removals are currently not eligible for the EU ETS.

However, while rules to ensure transparency and credibility are crucial, the CRCF alone is not equipped to facilitate the uptake of high-quality carbon removals in the EU.

“The provisional deal does not tackle many of the core issues that need to be addressed before we see the inclusion of removals in EU climate policy. Questions still remain as to how certified EU carbon credits can be used, both for corporate green claims, which is yet to be decided in the Green Claims Directive, and for the potential inclusion of removals in the EU ETS,” said Svea Nyberg, IETA EU Policy Officer.

The framework sets out rules for quantifying, monitoring, and reporting climate benefits of carbon removals with the aim of accelerating investment in these activities taking place within the EU. Technical rules for certification schemes will be outlined by the Commission in subsequent implementing and delegated acts.

“What we urgently need is a clear timeline on the implementation of the CRCF to give clarity to actors operating in the sector, both on the demand and supply side”, commented Nyberg.

Once the Council gives its final green light, the text will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and enters into force 20 days thereafter.