IETA LIVE Carbon Markets – The EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework: a look into the past year and what’s to come

30 November


A year after the proposal to establish an EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework (EU CRCF) was published, we review the progress and looking to the year ahead, we will hear from experts on the implementation of the EU CRCF including the development of the market infrastructure. From an international perspective, we will explore the links to the market mechanism to trade carbon credits and raise ambition under the Paris Agreement, the so-called Article 6.4 mechanism. We will also look to how corporate reporting requirements might help drive demand for carbon removals.

In what ways has the proposal changed from the initial Commission proposal? What will the end-uses of carbon removal units look like post-2030? How will corporate reporting requirements drive transparency and demand for carbon removals?

Join us for our IETA LIVE on 30 November, for a deep dive into these questions from our panel of experts, followed by a Q&A session.

Moderator: Helen Bray, Vice President Policy,


  • Martin Hlaváček, Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur for the EU Carbon Removals Certification Framework in the European – Parliament AGRI Committee
  • Francesca Cerchia, Global Head Climate Change and Sustainability Solutions, SGS
  • Jos Cozijnsen, Carbon Specialist, Climate Neutral Group
  • Paul Zakkour, Director, Carbon Counts