IETA and ITN Productions launch new co-production ‘Blue Sky Thinking: The Race to Achieve Net Zero’

GLASGOW (3 November) – Reducing carbon emissions is one of the biggest challenges of our age. The drive to achieve net zero emissions by the middle of the century requires political action, investment and market-based climate solutions, and emissions trading will play a vital role in global climate change strategy. IETA has partnered with ITN Productions to make Blue-Sky Thinking, a programme exploring different methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including the economic incentives of emissions trading.

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Claire Nasir from the ITN Productions London studio, Blue-Sky Thinking hears from experts within the sector and features informative interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations filmed in studio and remotely on location. President and CEO of IETA Dirk Forrister joins Claire Nasir to discuss the reality of climate change, the importance of high-level environmental events and initiatives like COP26 in Glasgow and the role of carbon markets in driving net zero emissions.

The programme features two films commissioned by IETA, looking at the magnitude of the challenge ahead to reach net zero by 2050 and the latest innovative technology and work connecting governments, academia and business in strengthening action. The films feature interviews with leading experts, including Angela Churie Kallhauge, Senior Climate Change Specialist from the World Bank; James Cameron, Advisor Specialising in the Climate Crisis; Joan MacNaughton CB, Chair of The Climate Group; James Edmonds and Sha Yu from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; and Maria Carvalho, Senior Consultant at South Pole.

C-Capture, developed by some of the UK’s leading scientists, is an example of technology that can be applied to most processes requiring CO2 separation. Lucy Bedborough, Carbon Capture Chemist, Fatima Bilal, Project Engineer, and Dr Helen Atkinson, Business Development Manager, discuss the potential of the technology to mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

Tackling climate change involves a real international effort. Alena Morris, Senior Operations and Health Specialist for Africa, highlights C-Quest Capital’s ambition to use carbon finance to achieve a long-term transition to cleaner and more sustainable cooking practices across Africa. 

Navigating the path through the energy transition presents both challenges and opportunities for multinational companies. In an interview, Peter Zaman and Jo Garland, Partners at law firm HFW, discuss the complexities of transitional risk and the importance of understanding future regulatory and policy frameworks. 

In another programme, Gordon Bennett, Managing Director, Utility Markets at ICE and Professor Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University discuss economic policy solutions for getting to net zero, reducing greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively and hedging carbon price risk. 

Healthcare company Novartis aims to be net zero in its operations by 2025. Montse Montaner, Chief Sustainability Officer, explains how human health and planetary health are intrinsically linked and Joachim Sell, Head of Natural Climate Solutions at First Climate highlights how the company is investing in decarbonising the energy it needs.

David Antonioli, CEO of Verra and Amy Schmid, Natural Climate Solutions Management at Verra explain the importance of setting standards for a sustainable future. Maria Claudia Diazgranados, Blue Carbon Director of Conservation International, highlights how carbon credits benefit blue carbon projects like conserving coastal wetlands in Colombia.

Conservation company Wildlife Works is working hard in the global south to bring climate finance to forest communities. From Sausalito, California, Wildlife Work’s Founder and CEO Mike Korchinsky discusses what makes the business unique, how to measure results effectively and the importance of REDD+.

Dirk Forrister, CEO and President of IETA said: “Achieving net zero is the challenge of our lifetime – decisions taken now will have a significant impact on whether we meet our shared climate goals in 2050. IETA welcomes this opportunity to partner with ITN Productions Industry News to shine a light on some of the key business innovations already underway as we chart a course for the future we want, using the power of carbon markets to get us there faster and more efficiently than heavy handed regulation.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are delighted to be working with IETA to make a programme that raises awareness of the need to strengthen our actions globally to find solutions to tackle climate change and achieve net zero. The programme demonstrates the incredible innovations and solution by leading organisations leading the charge and the pivotal role carbon markets play in accelerating progress.” 

The programme launched at COP26 on 3 November 2021 and will form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring IETA members and professional partners. The full programme can be viewed at Blue-Sky Thinking: The Race to Achieve Net Zero Emissions.