IETA Elects Council Members at AGM

GENEVA, 17 November – At its Annual General Meeting on November 14, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) elected a slate of Council members to serve for the coming two years.

The AGM re-elected eight Council members for a two-year term:

Paul Dawson, RWE Supply and Trading

Lisa DeMarco, Resilient LLP

Belinda Ellington, Citibank

Mary Grady, American Carbon Registry

Abyd Karmali OBE, Bank of America

Ingrid Parramon, BP

Rick Saines ONM, Pollination Group

Jonathan Shopley, Climate Impact Partners

The meeting also elected one new Council member, Kerry Liebenberg of Linklaters. Kerry replaces David Hone of Shell, who has stepped down after many years of service.

Further information on IETA’s governance can be found on our website.