Building on the achievements of the former Business Partnership for Market Readiness, in 2022 IETA launched the Business Partnership for Market Implementation, to complement the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Implementation, providing capacity building to business organisations and informing policy development in selected countries .

  • The goal is to create synergies with the World Bank’s programme and leverage overall climate ambition, helping businesses identify opportunities created by voluntary and compliance markets as well as the operationalisation of Article 6.

  • With more than 20 years as market champion, IETA is ideally positioned to promote common understanding with local businesses in these countries, share best practices and assist in the market design/policy development processes.

  • B-PMI aims to support the emergence of a new global carbon pricing architecture where different domestic and international markets co-exist in an integrated and interoperable ecosystem.


The World Bank’s Partnership for Market Implementation (PMI) is a grant-based, capacity-building fund that supports 30 countries and jurisdictions in the development and implementation of carbon pricing instruments to meet their NDC targets and long-term decarbonisation strategies. It helps countries participate in the operationalisation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, identify and implement best practice approaches and, where relevant, achieve compatibility in design with other carbon pricing efforts and markets. It provides a platform for technical discussions, information exchange, and collective innovation on carbon pricing instruments and market mechanisms that inform the national and international policy discussions on GHG mitigation.


The private sector is a crucial stakeholder in ensuring the economic efficiency and environmental integrity of the implementation of carbon markets and the operationalisation of Article 6 worldwide. However, the World Bank’s PMI does not focus on business engagement and private sector capacity building. IETA’s B-PMI seeks to bridge this gap by establishing an initiative focused on bringing business expertise to help both public and private sector engage with carbon markets.

Counting on IETA’s membership that includes almost 300 leading companies active in carbon markets worldwide, some of which are already active with Article 6.2 pilot projects, and representing the full range of technical capabilities needed to make markets work, the B-PMI offers experienced professionals to be credible voices of support for carbon pricing and market mechanisms in PMI jurisdictions – encouraging local businesses and helping local stakeholders to gain value from the market.

By doing so, B-PMI can inform policies and increase business support for carbon pricing mechanisms aligned with both national long-term climate targets and the Article 6 rulebook. Strategically, B-PMI presents an opportunity for IETA members to gain a better understanding of new carbon pricing mechanisms, network with new potential business partners, and gauge new trends in market formation.


i. Q1-Q2 2022

Launch of the initiative; recruitment of Steering Committee members; selection of initial target countries; start engagement.

iI. Q3 2022-Q4 2023

Operations in the first two or three target countries.

iII. Q1 2024 and beyond

Based on the experiences of Phase 2, we will seek to expand the programme in additional jurisdictions. Depending on the level of interest, funding and results achieved, the programme will expand at a rate of up to two to three target countries per year.


  • 1

    In-person workshops

  • 2

    Networking, IETA members, Governments, Local Businesses

  • 3

    Webinars, Audio, Visuals, Publications

  • 4

    Knowledge, Sharing, Common agreement

  • 5

    Better market design

  • 6

    Greater ambition, Improved climate strategies

  • 7

    Harmonised and linked markets

  • 8

    Integrity, fairness & efficiency. Paris Agreement alignment. Strengthened Reputation

Abidjan Call for a West Africa Carbon Market Hub

The West Africa Carbon Market Hub, co-organised by the B-PMI Initiative and the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance culminated in the adoption of the “Abidjan Call for a West Africa Carbon Market Hub”, a document outlining a shared vision for the role of carbon markets in West Africa and identifying crucial actions to scale investments and attract carbon finance to the region.



  • Carbon Digital Conference Indonesia (CDC), organised by IDCTA in partnership with IETA, 8-10 November 2023 (more information HERE)
  • B-PMI Legal Roundtable on the Evolution of Carbon Markets in Indonesia, 10 May 2023
  • B-PMI workshops with the Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the Indonesia Carbon Trade Association (IDCTA), 11-12 May 2023


  • B-PMI Carbon Markets Training for the Brazilian Association of State Environmental Entities (ABEMA) Online Technical Training, July-August 2023
  • B-PMI Carbon Markets Training for the State of Pernambuco, Online Technical Training (IETA/B-PMI-Pernambuco State Government), July-August 2023
  • Carbon Markets: Pathways to Leverage Market-Based Climate Solutions in Minas Gerais Technical Workshop, 16 and 17 August 2023


West Africa

  • Recordings from the West Africa Carbon Market Hub (Abidjan, September 26-28), co-organised by the B-PMI Initiative and the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance, are available HERE.
  • The agenda as well as all the slides used by the speakers can be downloaded HERE.


  • Recordings from the B-PMI Carbon Markets Training For The Brazilian Association of State Environmental Entities (ABEMA) (online Technical Training, July-August 2023) are available HERE.
  • The agenda as well as all the slides used by the speakers can be downloaded HERE.


  • Recordings from the B-PMI Carbon Markets Training For The State Of Pernambuco (Online Technical Training, July-August 2023) are available HERE.
  • The agenda can be downloaded HERE.


Initially, B-PMI Steering Committee was composed of companies serving on the former B-PMR Steering Committee and, gradually, it evolved to new IETA members making new pledges and contributions to the initiative.

As B-PMI dialogues involves costs that are beyond the core budget of IETA, member companies are invited to support the B-PMI at various levels (as sponsors, contributors, hosts, or pro bono supporters). Sponsors and selected Supporter companies serve on a Steering Committee to provide day-to-day guidance.


The B-PMR was implemented to promote industry readiness, knowledge transfer, and policy preparation and fulfill the critical role of building business capacity by sharing real-world experience. It became a forum where experts were on hand to engage in robust dialogue with local industry stakeholders. Between 2012 and 2019, IETA’s B-PMR initiative held multiple industry-to-industry dialogues in selected PMR participating countries, such as China, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Mexico, and South Africa.

Some key learnings from B-PMR missions were:

  • Having similar or comparable verification standards helps in seamless integration between different markets.
  • Greater cooperation, accountability, and transparency in a market add to its value.
  • Extensive data is essential to make a case for emissions trading as a business opportunity and not an obligation.
  • A company may cost-effectively meet its emission reduction targets under an ETS through various strategies, including emission permits & international abatement, offsets, borrowing, banking, and arbitrage.





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