Message from Dirk Forrister on IETA’s Rebranding

2023 is a time of renewal for IETA.

Since 1999 IETA has been a stalwart in the development of market-based mechanisms to address the challenge of climate change. Over the years, we have highlighted the importance of ambition, integrity and transparency, all of which are essential elements in the development of robust and effective markets.

The 2015 Paris Agreement set the world on a path to achieving net zero emissions by the second half of the century – perhaps the greatest challenge we have ever faced. Achieving net zero means changing the way in which the world has produced and consumed energy since the industrial revolution began, and represents an immense challenge to business around the world.

IETA has been engaged in this effort for almost a quarter of a century; encouraging, persuading and advising both governments and the private sector on the most effective ways to leverage the power of markets to meet the challenge.

The last two years has seen an immense increase in interest in carbon markets, and our membership has grown to more than 300 companies. We have taken on greater duties around the market and our team has grown to match these greater responsibilities.

We firmly believe that there is no net zero without the help of carbon markets to direct the immense amount of private finance that is needed to bring about the low-carbon economy and drive never before seen opportunities. Markets enable greater ambition, and cooperative approaches – the Article 6 mechanisms of the Paris Agreement – will help us reach our goals faster, at lower cost and in a more equitable manner than by countries going it alone.

IETA supports the voluntary markets, particularly as it has been demonstrated that companies that take on voluntary targets are also more likely to undertake more activity to reduce their own emissions first than those that don’t. Importantly, voluntary markets can also serve as a waypoint towards compliance markets, which have demonstrated success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and which embed integrity, quality, and transparency into their functions.

The carbon markets have evolved significantly over time, as has IETA. Our new tagline – Making Net Zero Possible – wraps all the elements of our work into one overarching theme and underscores our core mission to reach this collective long-term goal.

We’re as determined as ever to highlight the benefits and efficiencies of well-regulated and ambitious carbon markets, and our new messaging reflects this.

IETA will also style itself simply as “IETA” rather than the International Emissions Trading Association, recognising that our mission is evolving as we work towards achieving net zero.