Carbon Market Readiness Training Guide

The report includes comprehensive training material for companies on corporate preparation to carbon pricing which has been divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter was written in 2017 by a representative from 10 IETA member companies with active carbon market participation.

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Each chapter focuses on a key aspect of preparing for compliance or involvement in a carbon market. Many of the examples are drawn from experiences with involvement in the Kyoto carbon markets (CDM, JI), the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), and the California carbon market.

The report includes chapters on carbon pricing preparation, ETS readiness, allowance and offsets management, and trading best practices.

Download the full report in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Please find below short videos to accompany each chapter in the BPMR-PMR Carbon Market Readiness Training Guide. To view Chinese subtitles, click the CC button (subtitles/closed caption) at the bottom of the video window.


  • Ilona Millar, Baker & McKenzie

    Carbon Accounts and Risk Management


  • Bård Inge Hamre, Equinor

    Emissions Trading Compliance: Key Lessons on Compliance and Policy Awareness


  • Bill Kyte, IETA Fellow

    ‘The Golden Rules’ – 10 Key Lessons on ETS Readiness


  • Maëlle Durant, Veolia

    Corporate governance and organisational matters on emissions trading


  • Francisco Grajales Cravioto, Vattenfall

    All About Allowances: Carbon Management Strategy


  • Bill Thompson, BP

    Allocation: How to Navigate Benchmarking


  • Liv Rathe, Norsk Hydro

    Carbon leakage and competitiveness issues: how companies manage competition with carbon pricing


  • Timo Schulz, EEX

    The Exchange: How Carbon is Traded on an Exchange and the Importance of Liquidity


  • Judith Schroeter, ICIS

    Carbon Price Forecasts


  • Ingo Ramming, Commerzbank

    Carbon Trading Best Practices


  • Eric Boonman, Statkraft

    Developing an Internal and External Offset Strategy: What is Key to Engage and Invest in Offset Projects


  • John Davis, The South Pole Group

    MRV and the Challenges Accompanying Offset Generation