GHG Market Report 2022

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Carbon Markets 3.0 tracks the evolution of carbon markets through a series of issue-based articles tackling MRV, policy certainty, decarbonisation in emerging economies, scaling carbon markets, and technological innovations.

The report is structured around the first iteration of carbon markets, emerging ones, and the future of the carbon market. Articles include a reflection on the market’s transformation and lessons learned by carbon market pioneer Ken Newcombe, a look at how the EU ETS is reforming for future challenges, how South Korea is using emissions trading to balance a growing population and economy with environmental goals, the carbon pricing landscape in Colombia, and the technology that’s shaping the markets of tomorrow.

The report also includes The Business of Net Zero, a piece produced with Forbes on how businesses are transforming, and a profile of the Climate Action Data Trust, a blockchain-based data initiative from IETA, the World Bank and the Government of Singapore.