IETA 2023 NCS Report Jurisdictional & Project Approaches


IETA has published a new paper, Jurisdictional and Project Approaches: Tools for Navigating an Evolving Carbon Market, elaborating on the view of the IETA membership on the future of various approaches in the carbon market.

The paper was developed by IETA members in the Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) WG. It outlines the concept of jurisdictional and project approaches, identifies key market trends and data on the various approaches in the market today, and lays out how various approaches can effectively contribute to halting forest loss and increase integrity in the market. While the focus of the paper is on forest carbon, the takeaways are designed to be applicable across to sectors. The paper raise four key considerations for the market and governments:

  1. Cooperation
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Equitable allocation of risk
  4. Supporting a just transition

Building on these considerations, the paper makes several recommendations for how market participants can contribute to collective solutions. These recommendations outline member views on how we can build on the current landscape of approaches to level up onscale, impact, and integrity in the market.