IETA Article 6 Discussion Paper on How Governments Can Implement NDCs Cooperatively and Encourage Private Sector Investment – 2nd edition


Since the adoption of key decisions on Article 6 at COP26 in Glasgow, there has been increasing interest in the implementation of Article 6 to support cooperative approaches to help countries and sectors decarbonise. Almost 80% of all countries have signalled that they will use or consider using international markets or broader international support to meet the targets of their NDCs. However, there has been limited attention to what role governments and the UNFCCC envisage for business entities in the implementation of Article 6.

A first discussion paper, whose objective was to highlight important elements for the business sector to help maximise the impact and use of Article 6, was prepared by IETA in 2022. This updated version aims to build upon the previous one, incorporating developments observed over the past year.