• Liv Rathe


    Liv is Head of Department in Climate Office, in Norsk Hydro’s Corporate Development Department. The department which defines Hydro’s climate ambitions and its role in decarbonization. Liv has worked with climate related issues within Hydro since 2000, building up the companie’s knowledge centre regarding climate policies and regulations, and being involved in climate regulation policies both nationally and international. including analysing, developing, and advocating for positions both regarding the EU ETS and other relevant global GHG framework.

    Liv has many years’ experience from different boards, among them the Norwegian Research Council’s Board for Energy and Industry.

    She has over 20 years’ experience from the mandatory and voluntary carbon market and represented Hydro in the board of the World Bank’s Prototype Carbon Fund (the PCF), the first carbon fund under the Kyoto Protocol.

    Since 2018, Liv has been a Board Member of IETA, the International Emission Trading Organization.

    Before 2020, Liv has working experience from renewable policy and investment, venture capital and corporate finance. Liv is an economist from NHH (the Norwegian School of Economics) in Bergen and has studies in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen.