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IETA offers an array of resources, both for educational purposes and advocacy, plus trading documentation.

Our Emissions Trading 101 Library explains in simple terms different aspects of market design, such as offsetting, allocations, the benefits of emissions trading versus taxes or command and control, and handling competitiveness. Through our B-PMR initiative, we have also prepared a Carbon Market Readiness Training Guide, to aid those new to emissions trading or those preparing for a market.

In 2016, we released an oral history of the carbon market, From Kyoto to Paris. This series of videos and accompanying book capture all the lessons learned from the earliest days of emissions trading, in the words of those who were there.

Our annual GHG Market Report provides the latest information on markets around the world, while our COP debrief wraps up all the key outcomes from the annual UN climate talks. Our collection of Carbon Market Business Briefs covers the vital information about emissions trading systems around the world.

For these, and more resources, use the links above, the buttons or the drop-down menu to navigate this section.

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