CAD Trust

Decentralised Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Markets

Together with the World Bank and Government of Singapore, IETA is one of the founding partners of CAD Trust, a decentralised metadata platform that links, aggregates and harmonises all major carbon credit registry data to enhance transparent accounting in line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.


Today’s carbon markets are complex and fragmented. A prevalence of independent private registries, and national-level carbon markets, combined with a lack of centralised registries between voluntary and compliance markets poses a serious challenge to ensuring maximum transparency in the market.

To future-proof the market, CAD Trust offers a decentralised, blockchain-powered digital infrastructure that connects these registries and provides public access to the information in a harmonised and user-friendly format. Our objective is to maximise the transparency of carbon credits, minimise the risk of double counting, and enhance the overall integrity of the markets.

With a decentralised and secure digital infrastructure, the services built by the public and private sector such as compliance reporting, transacting, and benchmarking can be easier and more effective.


We believe that transparency and accountability are vital for efficient carbon markets that drive climate action and the associated finance in public and private sectors.

Climate Action Data Trust acts in the public interest to increase transparency, safeguard against double-counting and build further confidence in the market. We leverage carbon credit data from both compliance and voluntary markets, fostering collaboration, facilitating innovation, and helping unlock the potential of carbon markets across the world.





    ICROA is a leading industry Accreditation Programme committed to enhancing integrity in the voluntary carbon market in support of the Paris Agreement Goals.

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